Putting Some Fun Into My Wardrobe and Into My Life


I've always been a pretty practical girl. I do think it was out of neccessity rather than choice because my taste in things can be electic if I allow myself to go there. Being on a budget I don't always allow myself to get the funky 1960's flower sunglasses or the hot pink purse because I have a little voice in the back of my head that says to me, "how many times are you going to wear this? or "do you know how many things you can buy with the money spent on that one thing?"

I confess, I really do have a little voice in my head that whispers lots and lots of practical things to me. I think that voice is important to have because it keeps me from making spur of the moment purchases and keeps me from overspending.

I feel a new leaf turning in my life. I feel as though it is time to bring back some of the joy of having FUN.

How does a mother of three bring extra fun into her life? Playing with the children is a blast, going on dates with my husbands is always a joy, and chatting up with good friends always puts a smile on my face. But I think for most busy women we tend to feel stuck in our routines and in my case, practical ways and find it hard to add some more fun into our daily lives.

So I decided that the most practical way I can bring some fun in my life is through my wardrobe and my blog. This will be for ME. Not for anyone else although it is always wonderful when people can appreciate it or have fun with you. This is my way of bringing some fun into my daily life filled with homework, abc's, Lego toys, Phineas and Ferb, and Playdough.

Here are the ways I will bring some FUN into my Wardrobe and into my Life:

Novelty Prints

Novelty prints are fun but what I really love about them is that it can really aid in helping you express more of your personality. For example, if you love fruit you can wear a dress with a watermelons on it. Its just super fun and super pretty! There is no denying that.

Novelty Print

Reproduction Dresses

I have been afraid of investing in reproduction dresses for years now. I have purchases some eShakti skirts but they are all solid colors. Again, my practical side coming out. With reproduction I will be able to find more novelty prints dresses and separates. Although many repro pieces can lean more to the pricey side, many companies offer sales and coupons. I love vintage dresses immensely but it is getting harder and harder to find amazing dresses with my exact size. With repro I can easily make exchanges if something doesn't fit right (unlike with vintage) and reselling repro will be far easier than trying to resell vintage. It's a win-win for practical me and yet I will invite some amazingly fun pieces into my closet.

Kitschy Accessories

Want an easy way to add some POP and DAZZLE to your wardrobe? Just add some kitschy accessories. A popcorn shaped handbag, a cupcake ring, a apple hair clip, or a camera brooch. Accessories of any kind really make a an outfit stand out. Kitschy accessories are also another way to let your personality shine out through your wardrobe. And I mean how much fun is a purse in the shape of an ice cream cone anyway??
Finger Nails

It has been ages since I have gotten my nails done properly. I mean I have had manicures here and there but having acrylic on it (to make it harder) is something I haven't done since right before I began teaching (2000). I used to have super long nails and got them done every week. Oh they were beautiful.

I hesitated through the years having it done like that again because of the impracticality of having long nails but I made a compromise with myself. Long nails and three small children just don't gel together. BUT what I will do starting soon is heading to the nail salon and ask to make sure my nails are always short. That way I can have them all glammed up and extra pretty without having them get in the way of my housework and mamawork. I cannot wait to start doing this for myself!

Nail colors add instant fun to your look. I have also thought of using nail decals because well, they look so darn cute. I think that calls for a mother/daughter manicure, don't you?

Another way I plan to bring more fun into my wardrobe and into my life is through the use of color. Swing by tomorrow when I share why adding more color into my life has been inspiring me daily.

Here is a list of places that I have found some incredible pieces and fun kitschy accessories:

ASOS and Aldo

Are there any other shops you would suggest? Have you found that you need to add a little more fun into your life and into your wardrobe?

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  1. Yay, yay, huge yay!!! You've highlighted a great selection of items, each category of which I'm a massive fan of, too, dear Daffny. Novelty prints are so awesome - and addictive!!! They're often pricey, but worth the splurge every once in a while at least (and of course you can luck out and get a good deal occasionally). Look to 1980s does 50s pieces on this front, too, as there were some really fun, charming ones in that decade as well which are usually a snap to style in a mid-century direction.

    Happy further wardrobe building!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oh Jessica-thank you so much for your support in this! I am so excited about all of this!! xox

  2. Cute nails!! I've never been one to do my nails, but these almost make me want to start!

    I love that you're taking the initiative and injecting more fun into your wardrobe. Go you! There's nothing better than getting to experiment with new prints and styles. It's really invigorating! :) As far as suggestions go, you didn't mention them on the list, but you might've heard of them already; Trashy Diva has some really great prints. They're a bit pricey. I've not brought myself to buy from them yet, but I'm always drooling over their stock!


  3. This is really a great idea! I've been guilty of this too, feeling that it isn't worth it to spend a lot of money on these not-very-practical types of pieces. I'm finding that the things I REALLY love (as in, take out of a burning building with me) are ones that are really unique to me, even if I don't wear them as much as, say, the solid-colored practical pieces. Not to mention, it's these "fun pieces" that help you find your own unique niche!

  4. I love all your ideas particularly the novelty prints and the fun purses! I cant wait to see you put together some fab outfits

    retro rover

  5. A great initiative. An injection of fun is always good. In my early twenties my wardrobe and accessories were all kooky, but I've tamed down since then!

    The quirky handbags and the Lady and the Tramp skirt are my favourites!

  6. You know I have so many solids in my vintage wardrobe. I think because it is easy to mix match. It is a risk to buy a novelty print and not like it:). I have recently been buying 50s novelty skirts and been having a lot of fun with them:). They are like postcards of the past. They can really highlight something you are very interested in:)

  7. I'm just now starting to totally redo my wardrobe to be vintage/vintage inspired. I'm building up the more staple pieces right now but I want some novelty type items soon as well.

  8. I love that Lady and the Tramp skirt! I'm not a huge Disney fan like so many other people, but that is just about my favorite Disney film! How cute that someone else loved it enough to wear a skirt like that!


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