My First Ipsy Makeup Bag


Every vintage gal wants to have access to the best makeup to help her achieve her desired look whether it is the 1950s or 1960s.

After seeing a few videos on Youtube of Ipsy  and hearing about it from a few fellow vintage ladies I knew I had to learn more. I discovered that there are various clubs out there that one can join and get samples of items and try them out.

Once I heard of makeup clubs I immediately compared prices and quality and decided to try out Ipsy. I had to join their wait list for about two months but I finally got on their list. I have to say that is the only thing I dislike, the wait list, which I find ridiculous.

After receiving my first Ipsy bag I really wanted to share it with all of you because joining a makeup club is a wonderful and affordable way to try out new products without spending the full prices.

Ipsy is 10.00 a month and shipping is about one or two dollars more. For my June bag I received a bottle of Marc Anthony Beach Spray for the hair, NYX Butter Gloss, Bombshell Mascara, Clarisea Facial Scrub, and Jessie's Girl Liquid Liner.

So far I have tried out the lipgloss, mascara, and liner. I havent' tried out the facial scrub or beach spray but I can tell you that they both smell amazing.

Ipsy members do get different products in their bags. It all depends on how they answered the questionnaire when they first join the club. I put that I wanted facial, hair, makeup, and nail products and so far I am getting great stuff.

Bombshell Mascara

I know I said on this POST that Benefit Mascara was great. It is great but I find that it smudges a great deal when you are hot and I needed a new mascara that didn't do that and the one by Bombshell has been perfect. I only apply to the lashes on the top of my lid during the summer and it has not smudged one bit! Butter Gloss and Bombshell Mascara have now become  a part of my everyday makeup routine. Love them to bits!

I also just did a review on NYX Butter Gloss's and you can read more about it HERE.

All in all I loved getting my first Ipsy makeup bag. They mailed it in a hot pink mailer which I found super cute, you get a great makeup bag with your products, and you get high quality items. All for 10-12 dollars a month. I say that is a super duper good deal.

This way I can try out new products that will help me be my vintage girl best!

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  1. Agreed, the idea of waiting list for a mail order makeup club is a bit absurd. I'm not sure if they're doing it to create an air of exclusivity or simply because they can't fill more than a certain number of order at a given time, but to me it's like they're readily leaving money on the table, something that no business should ever knowingly do.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I LOVE Ipsy! Relatively recent subscriber as I'm expecting my 3rd bag this month. And I skipped the waitlist by subscribing to a couple of YouTube channels and sharing a link or two on FB...I thought they still offered that option? Either is proving to be a great deal thus far. There have been at least two items in each of my bags that I've absolutely loved and were well worth the $10/month price!

  3. I joined Ipsy and am waiting on my first delivery.. Even more excited after reading this! Can't wait to see what I get!

  4. Just want to get off this damn waiting list already!!!! Have you tried Vain Pursuits yet?

    1. What's Vain Pursuits?


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