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There are things that can just pop out at you when you are watching a movie. I find when viewing a classic film I have to pay particular attention because so much seems to be going on. Not to mention there are so many beautiful distractions!

In Hitchcock's Rear Window (1954), Grace Kelly's style truly shines. That is of course thanks to the brilliant Edith Head. Kelly's fashion sense as the New York socialite Lisa Freemont added a dash of sophistication that was spellbinding.

I don't know why I haven't reviewed this film yet but I must. I will try not to give away too much in this post but I must share a scene with you all that left me memorized.

I didn't really notice this fully until I saw this film again recently. It is one of the reasons I enjoy rewatched films, because you discover things you did see or understand before.

Lisa comes over dressed beautifully as always to her beau's house, Jeff (Jimmy Stewart) , who is home bound due to an injury. Jeff is in the middle of suspecting a neighbor of murder and Lisa catches him completely by surprise when she goes to him and opens up this fantastic box that just pops open and shows a concealed compartment. In that compartment Lisa shows Jeff that she has a nightgown inside and attempts to prove to him that she can live out of one bag just like he can. Jeff is a travel photographer and leary about taking the relationship to the next level and Lisa is determined to prove him wrong.

Grace Kelly Mark Cross Bag
The original Mark Cross bag used in Rear Window  sold at Christie's

I never noticed that bag before! And that snap of the compartment just popping up just boggled my mind and I needed to know what it was. I paused the film for a moment and began my feverish search for what I now know is called a Mark Cross overnight bag. Well, that's what Lisa called it.

My mind began to reel thinking, "I need to have that, I need to have that!" Has that happened to you, after you see something and your eyes begin to sparkle with that particular object in it? This did it for me.

After a great deal of research I have not only found out what happened to the original handbag used in the film but I also found out they reissued it. Now, this isn't any ordinary bag. What made it so magical for me when I first noticed it was that it looked that a simple genuine handbag. Nothing special at all. It was when Lisa popped it open that everything changed. Plus that scene in the film was amazing. You go from hearing her bracelets clanging together to the handbag scene to Lisa coming out with the nightgown and all of it is just dazzling to behold.

Here is a collage of those scenes:

Grace Kelly Mark Cross

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  1. Rear Window is one of my favorite movies, and I've wanted one of these bags ever since I first saw it! I'm so happy to see someone feature it. I just love everything about Lisa Fremont. :P


    1. Oh thank you Jenny! That bag is certainly magical isnt it? xox

  2. I just watched Rear Window for the first time a few months ago and loved it!! How neat that they reissued the bag. It's a classic that any girl could carry today. Lovely!

    1. Isn't such a great film!!? I can watch it over and over again. One Hitch's best! xox

  3. AnonymousJuly 24, 2014

    First off, Rear Window is one of my favorite films of all time! Quite possibly my second favorite Hitchcock film, behind Rope.

    Secondly, Grace Kelly has the best clothes in this film!

    Thirdly, I KNOW EXACTLY the feeling you describe when you talk about seeing something in a film and NEEDING it! That happens SO often with me! Speaking of Hitchcock items worn or used by his classy dames, I searched for years for the Carlotta necklace as seen in Vertigo, and just recently acquired one and wrote about it on my blog!

    And my god...why does that bag have to be so much!? I'm dying!

    Great post!


    1. Oh Janey, you made me giggle! Hehe I know, why does it have to be like almost three grand ughhhh Lotto where are you!? I have to find your post!!! Cannot wait to read it and yay for finding it! Whoot!!! xox

  4. That is one of my favorite scenes! Open the bag, out pops this flowy nightie! Fabulous! ;)

    1. Isn't it hun? Gosh, movie magic I tell ya! xox

  5. I always love that moment in the film too! That bag is magical, revealing hidden compartments for stashing secret stuff. :) Like a Mary Poppins bag for the chic, modern, 20th (er...21st) century woman. Thank you for finding this for me! Now if I ever find my money tree, I'll have to treat myself.

    1. You and me both Shannon! I will not give up on this bag! Its just too dreamy! Thanks for the comment!! xox

  6. Fantastic vintage detective work, dear Daffny. I will be sure to keep a super close eye out for one of these bags for you. It's doubtful one would surface in this small Canadian town of mine, but you just never know!

    ♥ Jessica


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