The Beatles vs. Elvis: Which One Would You Pick?

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I remember being told more than a few times if you are a Beatles fan you can't possibly be a fan of Elvis. I never understood the comparison because in my home my mother was a huge Elvis fan and my father is a devoted Beatles fan. I grew up listening to the records of both and loved both equally for their songs.

I don't know where this saying came from but I have heard it numerous times as the years went by. After someone would ask me which I would pick I would just shake my head and always say, "both". How can I choose? But if you were to choose, which would it be? Let's compare the two.

The Beatles:

  • Four young guys from Liverpool, England
  • Melodies for days
  • Catchy lyrics and toe tapping tunes
  • Outstanding bowl haircuts
  • British accents
  • Snappy suits (circa early 60's)
  • A drummer
  • Not afraid to experiment with music
  • A yellow submarine
  • An entire cartoon film dedicated to a yellow submarine


  • One guy from Mississippi
  • Jet black slicked hair
  • Those swingin' hips
  • Soulful voice
  • An electric smile
  • Rock n' Roll
  • Always giving to others
  • Mama's boy
  • Fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches
  • Charming performances as an actor

Its safe to say I stand by my upbringing. I can't choose between the two. Have you? Is there one you love more than the other? Have you heard this saying about not being able to be true fans of both?

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  1. I reckon it's possible to like both. Over here in the UK it's said you can be Beatles or Stones, but not both. I like both of those too, though my mum and mother-in-law, both young people in the 60s, were squarely in opposing camps. Perhaps it's one of those "had to be there at the time" things.

    1. Ahhh my dad is a Beatles and Stones fan but I never really got into the Stones. Go figure. LOL xox

  2. I've never gravitated towards either. Eek!

    1. Gahhh hahah thats okay there's a lot more out there aside from them! xox

  3. Elvis. Easy. I'm actually not really a Beatles fan.


    1. He's still a dreamboat!! Thanks Janey! xox

  4. Totally OK to be fans of both (I am ;)

  5. E-L-V-I-S, without him there would have never been a Beatles.


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