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I love reading Old Hollywood biographies and autobiographies, but today I would like to introduce you to another type of book I enjoy reading. They are called Movie Tie-in books. Basically a movie tie-in book is an edition of a book which is produced in conjunction with a movie which is usually based on the book, often with a cover image taken from the movie.

They make great collector's items but they can also give you a deeper insight into some of your favorite films as well. For example, did you know that if you compared the book and film of West Side Story the book is identical to the film word-to-word except when Riff and Tony repeat an oath of loyalty to each other: Riff says "womb to tomb" and Tony answers "birth to earth." In the movie tie-in book the answer was "sperm to worm," but this was changed for the movie because it was beyond the censorship standards of the time.

Another example is from the book Pretty in Pink which was written before the film finished. It actually shows you what the original ending of the film was supposed to be which was that Andie was supposed to end up with Duckie. For those of you who always felt like the pairing of Andie and Blane was forced and that the ending just didn't make any sense at all, well it was because they changed it. If you are interested you can see the pages HERE to an old blog post where I share all about my findings.

Movie Tie-in books are super fun and quick to read through. If you want a taste of a film you love in a different format, I couldn't recommend Movie Tie-in books more. If you want to find your own copies of your favorite films all you have to do is search on eBay, Etsy, or Google and simply type in the words, "movie tie-in books" and you will find a treasure trove of new books to read.

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