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I can easily list the ways I am not perfect. Sometimes I get cranky. Three pregnancies in four years has altered my body. My disability alters my body every year. I am aging. I am no longer a size 8 in clothing. My walking is all wobbly now. Grey and white hairs are making more of an appearance. I have been known to lose my cool with my children. I nag. I organize so much that I have been known to lose things because I can't remember where I put it. My memory is like swiss cheese some days. I can be prideful. I have compared myself to others. I have over twenty scars all over my body not including all the needle scars from all the procedures and surgeries I have had. My hands and feet are crooked because of my disability. I could go on and on.

I'm not perfect. I have never wanted to be. I watched enough movies in the 80's to know the girl who aimed to be perfect always ended up miserable. I made decisions early on that I didn't want to strive to be something no can really be. Its the reason I don't even like the word. The only time you may hear me use this word its when I describe myself as perfectly imperfect. 

And that's what I am. I may not always say the right things and do the rights things in just the right ways but I always try to be better than I was the day before. Women tend to be really hard on themselves and mothers even more so. We expect so much from ourselves all the time.  And because we expect so much from ourselves we put all of this pressure on ourselves. If only we can remember that its okay not to be perfect. That its okay to have stretch marks, scars, grey hairs, and crooked parts of your body. Its okay to gain weight, forget things, be late for things, get grumpy, to lose your temper, to be annoyed, and lose patience. 

Repeat after me. "I am not perfect". "I am not perfect". "I am not perfect". And thats okay. 

Outfit: Gap Wide Legged Jeans, I am not Perfect Tee from J Crew, Red Cardigan
 from Old Navy, Red Beret is 1960's Vintage, White Peter Pan Collar from
Magnus Clothing Co, and Large White Looped Earrings from Etsy.

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  1. This. This was and is everything. You are fantastical and I'm so proud how you've found love and confidence within yourself, it's what we all strive for! You make me want to be more proud of the skin I'm in, thank you!! Hugs x

    1. Oh sweets, thank you so much! Means a lot to me. Its a daily process for sure but we all deserve to feel good with who we are. Big hugs! xox

  2. I love posts about honesty! This was wonderful! Thank you!


  3. You made me smile sooo much! My gray hairs, wobbly bits,walk shuffles, scars and my shocking Memory salute you! We are kindred spirits! Bless you.x


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