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Call me old fashioned but still I love reading magazines, especially vintage and retro ones. I’ve been an avid magazine reader since I was a pre-teen. The TV guide was a must read if you wanted to figure out what you were going watch. And then there were the Tiger Beat, Teen, and Big Bopper magazines that kept me current with everything I needed to know as a teen in the 80’s and 90’s. ⠀
These days I find vintage (mainly 1950’s-1970’s) magazines to be relaxing to read. Just looking at the past and all the awesome things that existed then. I find retro magazines to be fun because they look at the past from the viewpoint of the present. ⠀
Have you read any vintage or retro magazines? Which ones do you like the most? 
Here are some retro magazines that you can find on Instagram that  you might enjoy reading:⠀

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  1. I haven't read any vintage ones in a while, though I pick up the occasional one. (We've been in lockdown for months here in the UK, so browsing magazine shelves in shops hasn't really been possible.) I make magazines though, so I'm glad people are still enjoying them.

    1. Ohhh your make your own!? Thats fantastic! Mine are mailed to me because otherwise I can't get to a shop either lol They are fun to read though, aren't they? xox


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