Be Inspired: Navigating Through Seasonal Changes

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When seasons change, our moods tend to shift as well. The hardest shift is usually when we go from the fall to winter or winter to spring. But things have been different lately because many of us are spending more time at home. And the things we love to do, we can't do. So the changing of the seasons has become a little more challenging that usual. 

Here are some tips that you can try to help yourself navigate through the changing of the seasons:

Be gentle with yourself. Don't overdo things especially in the heat.
Alter your skin routine; SPF moisturizer for the summer/Hydrating masks for the winter.
Take walks when you can but pace yourself.
Drink plenty of water and take the supplements you need.
When there is the changing of time, embrace naps to get extra rest.
Reorganize your wardrobe and add pieces suited for the current season.
Find different ways to rest.
Pay close attention to how you are feeling because seasonal changes can bring depression.
Embrace the changes of the season in your own time.
Adjust your meals to include more seasonal fruits and vegetables.

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