The Twilight Zone Inspiration: Passage on the Lady Anne

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Episode 17 of Season 4 of The Twilight Zone which aired on May 9, 1963, is one of those rare episodes whose intention is to tell a story solely about love. Romantic love, friendship love, and love of life. If you watch this episode you might only see that it is about a young married couple who are struggling in their marriage and about  a group of elderly people all who are on the Lady Anne for a long trip.

Eileen Ransome ((Joyce Van-Patten) is desperate to save her marriage with Alan (Lee Phillips). She figures this long voyage on the Lady Anne will give them a chance to talk and create more intimacy between each other. Alan on the other hand is preoccupied with thoughts of work and isn't 100% sold on the idea of a long boat ride. They are noticed immediately by two elderly gentlemen who are disturbed by their presence. They offer the Ransome's money so they can get off the ship before it sets sail. Eileen and Alan decide to stay on board and are eventually welcomed into the group of elderly people including the two gentlemen (played by Wilfrid Hyde-White and Cecil Kellaway).

As time passes Eileen and Alan begins to clash but through the encounters with the elderly passengers Alan starts to realize his place in the world and how he truly feels about Eileen. The scenes with the great Gladys Cooper, Hyde-White, and Kellaway are magical in every way. In the end the Ransome's are united in their commitment to their love and their marriage. But out of the blue they are told by their new friends that they must board the small boat they set up for them and they need to leave with haste. Their dear new friends and all the other elderly passengers say their bittersweet goodbyes to them.

So many gifts of love were exchanged during this hour long episode in The Twilight Zone. Eileen's love for her husband, her longing for her own happiness, Alan's lessons of self-discovery and what is really important in life, the deep and meaningful connections with the other passengers, and lastly the fondness that they have for the young couple. You see, that voyage was to be the Lady Anne's final voyage and its passengers were off to life after death. That was the reason everyone on board was old from the Captain (Alain Napier, who famously played Alfred Pennyworth in the Batman television series) to the passengers and even the officers (one played by Cyril Delevanti who acted in four episodes in The Twilight Zone).

This episode showed that sometimes love isn't seen as clearly as it should be, sometimes love is young and sometimes its old, that love can be created through meaningful connections, and lastly that letting go can also be a beautiful act of love. 

A Vintage Nerd, Vintage Blog, Twilight Zone Episodes, Twilight Zone Inspiration, Passage on the Lady Anne, Retro Lifestyle Blog, Classic TV

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