Vintage Teen: Coolest Vintage Gifts for Christmas

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Ever wondered what were the coolest gifts in the 1950's-1980's? I created a little list of vintage gifts that were not only popular during its time but also what I would have loved to have gotten as a present for Christmas. 

Some of my favorites were the Lite-Brite and Simon Says because I used to play those toys as a little kid. The toys I wished I had from this list are; are the Game Boy and a VCR because I think as a teen it would be cool to watch a tape with the VCR and play video games with the Game Boy. Which of these vintage gifts would you want for Christmas?

From the 1950's:

Transistor Radio Set (1954)

Portable Turntable (1955)

Hula Hoop (1958)

A Princess Phone (1959)

From the 1960's:

Barbie Dreamhouse (1962)

Twister (1966)

Lite-Brite (1967)

Operation (1969)

From the 1970's:

Atari (1972)

Hippity Hop Ball (1973)

Air Hockey (1974)

Simon Says (1978)

From the 1980s:

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) (1986)

Game Boy (1989)

VCR (debuted in 1976 but became really popular by 1985)

Teen Steam VHS (1988)

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