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I have been a blogger since 2011 but A Vintage Nerd didn't start out quite the way I intended it to. It actually grew from another blog called Bunny's Victory which you can look at HERE. In 2013, I found my blog had lost its .com and I couldn't get access to it. I was devastated and realized more than ever how much I love blogging and how important it was to me. I had two choices; stop blogging or find my way back and keep doing what I love. I knew that I had to keep going and then A Vintage Nerd was born.

I am still very proud of my old blog and I shared bits of it whenever I can. Although I have landed on my feet here at A Vintage Nerd, I believe there is always room for growth. I hope you see that as time goes by. 

Here at A Vintage Nerd I will share with you my passion for vintage and show you how I have been applying that passion to my everyday modern life. I juggle quite a bit with my family life, home, and a physical disability but it is possible to face daily challenges, be a daring dreamer, and do it with vintage flare!

What you will find on A Vintage Nerd blog:

  • My own personal vintage inspired style
  • Fashion Inspiration-how to integrate vintage into your wardrobe
  • Celebrating and encouraging body positivism
  • Sharing how I live my life with a physical disability called CMT, Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease 
  • Exploring Old Hollywood through films, shows, and books
  • Pursuing my own film studies with my self made program (coming soon!)
  • How to incorporate vintage into your daily modern life
  • Sharing my lifestyle as a mom and blogger
  • Insight into Old Hollywood film actors and actresses
  • Reviews on books steeped in the past
  • Sharing how to balance life as a creative with a disability
  • Hosting fun giveaways both on my blog and on my Instagram which you find HERE

Thank you visiting A Vintage Nerd! Your support means so much to me!


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