Makeup Alert! The Legacy Collection By Revlon

Ever had the perfect and I mean perfect shade of lipstick in your hands? The kind that complimented your complexion and just seemed to work with every outfit you wore? And then imagine yourself walking into the store to get some more and they no longer have it. It's discontinued!

Look no further because Revlon is doing something magical for all of us and is reissuing FIVE amazing lipsticks from spanning four decades!

Revlon Legacy Collection

They are coming out this spring and I have to tell you I have a funny feeling they will sell out fast. So, if you see them online or in store snatch as many as possible

Are there any shades you already know that you MUST have? Which ones? Don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for The Legacy Collection By Revlon in a store near you!!


  1. I think I definitely need Snow Peach and Fifth Ave Red!!

  2. I love this idea, I hope they do it more. Thank you for the heads up, I'm certainly going to look out for 1958. I had no idea they had a purple in 1946, very interesting! I've seen some of the old Revlon ads for lipstick and I've wanted to go back in time and try some, now I can:) Hey, this would be cool if you could find the original vintage ads for these lipsticks:)

  3. They are out now, at least in some places. I bought some yesterday at Walgreen's.

  4. Thanks, I'm going to keep an eye out for them. Of course red is always nice with vintage style looks, but I find myself drawn to both the peach colors. I would try the violet too, but it might not work on me. Sandstorm is lovely, but I'm pretty sure that shade won't look good on me. I hope they don't sell out before I can find a few.

  5. Fifth Ave Red and Jungle Peach are right at the top of my list!

  6. thanks so much for sharing this I will definitely be purchasing fifth ave red and jungle peach

    retro rover

  7. Oooh, I want the 1956 snow peach, please!!!

  8. Snow peach, 5th Avenue Red, then Jungle Peach. That's the order I will buy in them, ha! Love these, how exciting! I missed the 'Fire and Ice' relaunch a few years ago. P x

  9. In my ongoing hunt to find a shade of coral lippy that doesn't end up looking akin to clown makeup on me (not that clowns wear coral on their lips often, this is just the effect it creates on me), I'd reach for Snow Peach or Jungle Peach first.

    ♥ Jessica



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