Let The Springtime Merriment Begin!

It...is...Spring! Did I just type that? Oh my goodness. It is still chilly in New York but now that Spring is officially here I can officially get excited about a few things.

I am more of a Fall/Spring sort of girl. The extreme weather of the Winter/Summer is unpleasant for me and it also creates a lot of challenges for me because of my disability. I feel like in the Fall/Spring weather I can feel and be my best self. Now to find a part of the world that has just those two seasons!

I am looking forward to so much! I cannot wait to store away my coat and children's coats as well. Goodbye to a zillion hats, scarves, and gloves! I look forward to opening my windows in my house and letting the fresh air in. My cat loves to feel the breeze go through her fur and I love watching her bask in it. I look forward to taking the children to places we haven't been to yet and try new crafts like pottery and painting (on canvas). I look forward to taking a nice stroll in Central Park and showing my husband my favorite painting (finally) at The Met. It is called The Storm and was painted by Pierre Auguste Cot.

I want to finally get to Tea & Sympathy as we tried three times during this challenging winter to no avail. I want to take my children to the horse stables nearby where I live and have them take a pony ride. I want to get back on a horse, I haven't been on one since I was twelve. I don't know if I can physically do it but gosh darnit I want to try.

Spring just brings this feeling of renewal, freshness, and inspiration that is undeniable. And I plan to ride the wave until the unbearable heat has me hiding in air conditioned rooms.

Here are some more things I am looking forward to and if you click on the links it will take to you more information about them.

I adore the patone colors for this season. You can apply them to your vintage, vintagey, or modern wardrobes. Heck go nuts with all of it and the best part is you don't have to stick to the seasons colors but they are nice for outfit inspiration!

I love how happy my hands feel after I have had a manicure or have painted my own nails. And since my hands struggle daily to do the tasks they need to do, I am promising myself to treat them more to some fabulous colors like this one! Isn't it just gorgeous! 

I NEED this satchel! Yes I do! It is so pretty and old fashioned and yet practical all at once. I don't know what color I am getting it in but I do know I am getting myself one!

I love my Vintage Life Magazine issues! I want to grab some back issues and catch up on what I have been missing. I hope to one day be able to subscribe to them but until then when I snatch a few issues I will delight to reading all the vintage lifestyle goodness that is inside. 

I am a Barbie collector as some of you may remember. And the other day I found this one and decided I must treat myself. It is a reproduction from 1965 and Barbie is a teacher! I used to be a teacher and I would love to have this beauty standing next to my Audrey Hepburn Barbie on my dresser. She would help keep me inspired and remember the joys of my past.

Cotton dresses! I would love to be able to find some vintage or vintage inspired cotton dresses that I can wear in transition to the Summer. Aren't these so pretty pretty!?

I have loads to read! You should see my pile but one book I am looking forward to is the biography on Peg Entwistle. She is known as the starlet who committed suicide by the Hollywood sign but I want to learn more about her and less about how she died. I am so beyond excited to sink my eyes into this one!

Peg Entwistle Biography by James Zeruk, Jr

Cardigans! A girl cannot have too many fabulous cardigans! I want to add more to my wardrobe and I look forward to pairing them up for my everyday and vintage looks!

Lastly is a proper pair of sunglasses. I have been purchasing five dollar sunglasses all my life. They were great but at my age I want to wear FANTASTIC pair! I found this amazing New York store called Warby Parker and they sell glasses and sunglasses whose frames are very retro and vintagey. You have to check out the site-all of them are amazing!

I think a good pair of vintagey sunglasses will be a great way to end the Spring season and enter the Summer. Either way aren't they just Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh amazing!!???

That is my little list of what I look forward to this Spring. What are you looking forward to the most? Any plans to try something new and different?

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  1. wonderful colours to wear this sping ;)

  2. I'm never quite sure what to make of Pantone, but I do like those colors for spring. I'm not quite sure what to expect of spring on this coast yet, but I feel like cardigans are more my speed than cotton dresses, so far.

  3. This palette is making my colour loving heart happy, too! I like that it's a bit more earthy than the usual spring pastels (which can be lovely, don't get me wrong) and seem to have a certain air of much appreciated sophistication to them.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* I uber hope to be able to subscribe to Her Vintage Life one day, too (perhaps Ol' Saint Nick will leave a subscription in each of our stockings next Christmas).


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