10 Vintage Hair Setting Commandments


Yesterday I had the delight to share with you a few pages from my latest beauty find, the Dell Purse Book from 1963. At the end of my post I promised I would share with you today something really neat that contains a lot of helpful hair tips.

These tips are to help you do your best hair setting for your vintage hairstyles or any hairstyle!

Vintage Hair Setting

I hope after reading these tips you will feel your best in setting your hair!

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  1. I wish this could work for me :( I have super fine long hair and it doesn't hold curls. I can't do vintage styles, unless it's like sixties hippy hair lol.

  2. "...haste may mean wasted effort." This is the story of my hairstyling life. I always rush it, even though I know I shouldn't!
    L A

  3. I have the worst time with The 4th Commandment; I am AWFUL at sectioning off my hair! I always end up holding some random piece of hair at the end, thinking, "... Okay, where did this hair come from?"

    This is a splendid post, though!


  4. I need all the hair help I can get. I look forward to your hair posts :)

  5. The images are gone :(


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