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Great World War II Projects combines history and creativity in one book. The book is separated into two parts; Part I-On the Home front and Part II-On the Front Lines. The first four pages of the book contain  simple to follow guide on the history of World War II. The book breaks it up and shares who the important people were, the war timeline, and maps to show who were the allies and the axis powers.

Then comes a lengthy introduction which is about five pages long. It really gives a simple but detailed look at the war and the affects it had throughout the world.The pages following after include all sorts of tidbits of information on the homefront and front lines. The books almost feels like a "WWII for dummies" book but I love it because it would be easy for a pre-teen or teenager to follow.

With all the information and various WWII themed projects I really believe this would be a fantastic book that a young person can do with their parent and they can really learn about WWII in a very hands on manner. Ever wanted to teach your child or a someone you know more about the war in a way that they could easily follow and understand? This book would be fantastic for that.

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The projects range from from making planes, to making pins, to making flip books. There are a lot of really neat craft projects in here. I do find though that there is more information than they have projects but I can't complain because the way they share the information is creative and well informational.

I love this book and I will definitely be using it when my children get a bit older because this time in history is close to my heart for many reason. The two biggest being my grandfather was a WWII hero and the other being I want my children to learn from the mistakes of others and see what people are capable of-both good and bad.

I think this book would be wonderful for any avid WWII "fan" to own and like I said already, it would be a wonderful tool in helping to teach younger people about that time, the affects of the war, and the affects after the war.

If you would like to purchase this book just go to Amazon and click HERE. Another book I found that sounds interesting and also geared toward teaching children about the history of WWII is a book called World War II for Kids: A History with 21 Activities which you can find HERE.

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  1. Crafting + history = awesome in my books (and in theirs, it would appear! :D). Love this, sweet Daffny, thank you very much for the great introduction. I wish I had some youngins in my family to do the crafts in it with, but alas everyone is all grown up now and none of us have kids of our own yet. One day!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. As an avid maker this book is really hitting home for me! It's going on the list. Thank you for the great find.

  3. I agree with Jessica! Crafting + WWII history especially!!! = MY.FAVORITES.TOGETHER!!


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