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At the beginning of this month I attempted to do a 1960's flip. I think it turned out pretty neat and many of you thought I did a good job (thank you!) but I knew I could do better.

Every time I looked at authentic 1960's hairstyles it always seemed like the hair was blow dried. I cannot blow dry my hair like that due to the weakness in my hands and arms so I tried the second best thing which was getting a set of some good ole large rollers.

For my first attempt I used large foam rollers but my hair came out too curly. It didn't look as polished as I had wanted it to look. My second attempt I actually washed my hair the night before, used Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum and tied it up in a ponytail for bedtime. I wanted it to still be somewhat damp in the morning. I just wasn't in the mood to attempt to sleep with those rollers on.

In the morning I wet my hair just a little and set it around 11am and by 4pm it was dry and ready to comb out and style.

This is the diagram I used to set my rollers. It is from a Dell Purse Book from 1963 which I am bonkers about. I will share more from that book in tomorrow's post with you all. I used the diagram on the bottom left.

1960's Flip
1960's Hair Flip

The rollers above are the ones I used. I purchased them from Ebay HERE. I didn't want to purchase something that was pricey in case it didn't work out for me. But alas, it did! I used bobby pins to pin the rollers in and although I did follow the diagram above I actually added two rollers on top to help me get more of the bouffant I am wanting.

Can I tell you how fabulous using the rollers was? It is uncomfortable and very challenging to sleep in but for someone like me who has thick, wavy, and slightly frizzy hair it is AMAZING!

I didn't even have to brush out very much but I did. I teased the top back a bit and put hairspray to help with the bouffant. And then I brushed out my flip....so fantastic! I was in awe on how easy it all came together all because of the use of rollers! I do want to score two things to help out with vintage hairstyles; a curling iron and large hot rollers. I think it is important to be versatile when working with your hair type and time constraints and use whatever you can to help you achieve your wanted look. I am definitely not a vintage hair purist.

Here is the result!

1960's Hair Flip
1960's Hair Flip
1960's Hair Flip

What do you think? I am so excited to see what else I can recreate with my type of hair and I will be sporting this look this weekend at a special event. I look forward to sharing the photos from that day with you when it comes to pass.


  1. Your do' looks just wonderful! Good on you for trying again to get it just so.. I'm so lazy when I fail that I often just give up on the style entirely.
    I think the 60's hair look really suits you, too!

  2. Your hair looks great!

  3. Very lovely! Your hair looks like you just went to a hair stylist:)

  4. wow! great job! those diagrams are so neat. you did so well on this. will have to try it sometime.

  5. Lovely! You deserve an award or something for being able to sleep in rollers, I can't do it at all. Do you wear a sleep cap over them to keep them in place? Thanks for posting the tutorial photos :)

  6. Ah!! I love it!! I need to try some of these rollers. I tried the foam rollers a long time ago but my hair was super frizzy and tangled. Maybe Ill try them again now that I have some experience with my hair. Love the flip so much! Ill keep my eyes peeled for big hot rollers for ya!

  7. That is so cute!!! I am trying this, stat!!! :D

  8. It looks very nice

    retro rover

  9. This is such a sweetly charming style! It really, really suits your face shape, too, I must say. Fabulous flip work! :)

    ♥ Jessica



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