A Vintage Nerd is Blogger of the Month of June!


I would like to share a very, very proud moment for A Vintage Nerd blog. Last month I was named Blogger of the Month for Vintage Life Magazine!! Vintage Life Magazine is seen around the world and to be chosen to have my blog spotlighted is a huge honor.

I am so incredibly grateful to the staff of VL Magazine for allowing me to share my thoughts and love for vintage in such a beautiful way. Thank you!

My children were ecstatic and so proud to see their mama inside the magazine and to see themselves too! How neat!

For those of you who saw it in person and read it, I really hope you liked it! For for those of you who didn't, I hope you enjoyed this little peak into such a big accomplishment for my little blog.

It was a big and important decision to change my blog from Bunny's Victory to A Vintage Nerd. Some folks and friends thought it wouldn't be a good idea because I would lose everything I worked for but I didn't. Bunny's Victory is still available to read and A Vintage Nerd  is simply both an extension of the work I did there but in a larger and more focused scale.

It just goes to show you, listen to your instincts, make the best of your journey, work really hard, and keep on your path. If you don't feel like the path you have taken is working out for you or making you happy or just isn't good then change it. It's that simple. I did and it was the best decision I made concerning my blog.

Stay true to what you believe is right for you and you cannot go wrong!


  1. Yay!!! So exciting and well-deserved!!!

  2. You're a staaaah! A staaaah, I say! Well done and congrats on being in such a cool magazine! :D Today Vintage Life magazine, tomorrow the world.

    1. Heheh superstaaaah hehehe thank you sweet girl!!! Whoot! xox

  3. CONGRATS! Its so sweet your little fellas are so proud of their mama!

    1. Thank you Justine! Ohhh they all went nuts-so darn awesome huh? Yay!!! xox

  4. How exciting for you! Well done!

  5. Are the names alongside yours in the first page the names of your children? They are such cute three peas in a pod. Congrats!!

  6. That is sensational, sweet dear!!! I'm over-the-moon happy for you and love that we now have yet another point in common. :)

    Huge congratulatory hugs!
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* I still haven't blogged about being their blogger of the month (back in issue 40) yet. With everything that's been going on this spring/early summer, I simply haven't had a moment. At this rate, I'm thinking August or maybe even the fall. At some point for sure - better late than never as they say.

  7. That is so cool, for you and for your kids! What a great moment to enjoy. Congrats! :)



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