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All this week I have been sharing some words of wisdom on my Instagram on lessons and things I have learned along the way.


When I was a full time teacher I used to hash out loads of advice and words of wisdom from people who inspired me and also shared many of my own -isms as well as those my father taught me. I think my girls like my daddyisms the best. They must have had a hoot listening to those. You know, those words and phrases you hear your parents spit out over and over until one day you find yourself spitting them out?


At A Vintage Nerd I am all about sharing information as all nerds have boundless information swimming in their heads but also inspiration because I feel like we can all learn life lessons from one another.

So, from time to time I will share inspirational quotes and images and throw in a few of my own as well. Today I am sharing some of my own bits of wisdom. Hope you like them!


Feel free to pin these little bits of wisdom on your Pinterest boards, the button is invisible but at the top left hand corner of each image. If you would like some more inspirational quotes check out my Pinterest board HERE.

Hearing or reading little bits of wise words and thoughts can really be a great pick-me-up especially when you are having a hard day. I hope you found these...well...inspirational.

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