A Few of My Favorite Things: Summer Edition

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It is that time of the season when I share with you a few of my favorite things. I cannot believe that summer has ended. I know I am not alone when I say that. For myself and my family in particular it wasn't much of a leisure summer due to my daughter's surgery but we made the best of it.

Here are a few of my favorite things from this summer:

I discovered another amazing salad this summer. This had grilled chicken, lettuce, strawberries, bacon (oohhhh it was crispy too!), honey roasted sesame seeds, with drizzled apple dressing. Divine! I am very texture oriented so this was heaven to me. I think I want another one!

Thanks to Netflix I watched a heap of great films this summer. I caught a lot that I have been wanting to watch for a quite some time, like A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

My daughter has surgery this past July. Her tibia's were going inward and she wasn't growing out of it and was falling a lot. With a great deal of thought (and prayer) we decided to go forward with it. It was a very scary decision to make as a parent. I am sure our first of many. She was in an amazing hospital and we both stayed with her the entire time. She is a brave, brave, little girl. Dare I say, a lot like her mama? And although the healing process has been long (she gets them off next week) and we had to stay home most of the summer. my daughter and I spent a great deal of time talking, snuggling, and playing together. The surgery wasn't my favorite thing but the time we spent to together was. I think she now knows that mama and daddy have her back always. Lots of mama and bunnygirl bonding happened (still is).

Since we spent most of the summer indoors I had to get very, very creative with the kids. I did learning time with them and craft time. I also did movie time and that is always fun. We are definitely a movie lovin family. My favorite thing is that we were all together. I love these people. I know, they are my children, but they are people too. I love them and I like them. I really do.

Meeting another blogger friend is always a good thing. I have meet up with a few but meeting Beccie from Sew Retro Rose was extra special because she traveled such a long way (Australia). We really shared some special moments together.

If you want to see more of my past favorites here they are: FALL (2013), Winter (2014), and Spring (2014). Summer 2014 is gone but here comes Fall and boy do I LOVE the Fall Season!

What were your favorite moments of Summer (Winter for my Aussie readers)? What do you look forward to the next season?

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  1. I'm sure there were lots of times when you were frustrated and scared even by the events of your summer. I know I would have. You do such a good job of finding the blessing in even those difficult things. I hope I can learn from your example. Thank you for great posts.

  2. Heartwarmingly beautiful post, dear Daffny. I'm so glad that you had some awesome times this summer, very much including another blogger meetup. I wish you and I lived (soooo much!) closer and could share one of our own. Perhaps ones day - surely, I have to make it to NYC one way or another in my lifetime.

    ♥ Jessica