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I love a good autobiography to read. Reading about a person's life from their perspective is like taking a peak into their personal thoughts and feelings. It's a unique reading experience and I wish more people would have written theirs. Although I can understand some people preferring privacy when it comes to their lives like Cary Grant did. I still find it a loss to those who are fans and admirers to not get some sort of peak into their lives, especially artistically.

So, I found a few new autobiographies that I thought you might like to check out.
Old Hollywood


I am eyeing the Sophie Loren autobiography the most. Have you seen any of these in your local book store yet? Any interest you in particular?

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  1. My local library offers such great free service, I always check and see if they have a book in stock I want to read. If the library does not have the book I want I can request a book. The library will special order a book for me and ship it to my nearest library. When I get the library Email telling me my book is waiting for me to pick up its just like Christmas, YAY!

  2. I adore a good biography as well. This summer I powered through the tomb that is Baby, Let's Play House (by Alanna Nash), a very thorough and engaging look at some of the many, many women (including his mom and grandma) who were key figures in Elvis' life. If you're a fan of The King, I highly recommend checking it out.

    ♥ Jessica