Old Hollywood: Romances That Most People Don't Know About

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Old Hollywood was filled with secret love affairs and torrid romances. I have discovered a few of them in my years of reading autobiographies and biographies. Some were surprising and some didn't surprise me at all.

Here are a few that I found:

Lupe Velez and Gary Cooper
Lupe Velez
Gary Cooper was quite hunky man in his day. Actually he was pretty darn dashing in his later years as well. Needless to say, Cooper was the sort of man who got around. He had an affair with Clara Bow and eventually moved on the Lupe Velez who was seen as the "Mexican It Girl". Their love affair was passionate and stormy. Their love affair went on for two years and to Lupe's disappointment Cooper called it off.

Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal
Gary Cooper
Gary Cooper was married to his first and only wife, Veronica Balfe in 1933 but he continued to have love affairs with various starlets. One of his most serious affairs was with Patricia Neal that lasted for four years when Neal ended it. He told his wife he was madly in love with Neal and continued to see her publicly. If you would like to read more about this torrid affair you can read more HERE and HERE.

Charlie Chaplin and Louise Brooks
Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin and Louise Brooks? Oh yes indeed! Albeit it was a brief romance that lasted just two months over the summer of 1925. You can read Brooks's memories of their affair HERE.

Bela Lugosi and Clara Bow
Clara Bow
Bela Lugosi will always be known as Dracula and Clara Bow will always be known as the "It" girl. That is not the only thing these two shown be remembered by. In the 1920's they began a heated love affair that helped end Lugosi's marriage to Beatrice Weeks after a mere three days. He even had a painting of Bow hanging in his home which you can see HERE.

Joan Crawford and Clark Gable
Clark Gable
Joan Crawford and Clark Gable had a long standing love affair and friendship. Their affair began in 1931 while working on their first film Dance Fools Dance. They entered the set earlier than anyone else and left later. Crawford later said that it was the worst kept secret in Hollywood. Both were married at the time and the studio head worried about gossip ruining their careers and the films they were in. Louis B. Mayer sent Crawford and her first husband, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. on an extended Honeymoon but the marriage was already damaged beyond repair. Eventually their affair ended so people believe. According to Crawford their love affair continued on and off through the years and a lot longer than anyone could imagine.

Did any surprise you at all? There were so many more romances, trysts, and one night Hollywood stands. Do you know of any that I didn't list here?

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  1. Oooh, what a juicy, fabulously interesting topic and post, sweet gal! I love all the great old Hollywood secrets and family relationships you're sharing with us lately.

    ♥ Jessica