Preparing For The Holidays One Tradition At A Time

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Before my husband and I began having our children we made a conscience choice to incorporate as many traditions as we could into our family life. When it came to the holidays we decided on which ones we would continue to pass on and which ones we would begin ourselves.

The decorating of the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving is a tradition that I believe may have begun with my grandmother and I distinctly remember my father always doing it. So we now begin the process of preparing for the holidays the day after Thanksgiving.

Some other traditions that are just as great are the eating of super yummy leftovers, listening to Christmas music while we decorate, and deep cleaning the house in preparation for the new year.

This year was a bit different because my children are now all big enough to help us put together the tree and decorate. They couldn't get enough of it. I loved how genuinely excited they were to help their daddy put together the tree. My daughter would then ask one of her brothers to dance with her to the Christmas music.

It is such a nice time to gather together as a family unit after the annual stuffing of the faces happens with Thanksgiving and do something that everyone enjoys doing together. I couldn't help but have a big smile on my face while we all worked together to bring some holiday cheer into our home.

Do you have traditions in preparing for the holidays? What are they? Have they been passed down from one or many generations?


  1. My family always watches It's a Wonderful Life and a newer tradition is to eat waffles and mimosas on Christmas morning. My husband and I always watch Harry Potter while we put up the tree because we put it up soon after Halloween, ha. We also go look at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve.

  2. How very sweet! I remember dancing around the living room to the toe tapping Christmas songs with my siblings when I was younger, too.

    Traditions are so important to the holidays. One doesn't have to carry alone all of those that they grew up with, but at least a few usually deserve to be passed along to future generations or simply enjoyed by the current one in the moment. Tony and I blend Canadian and Italian ones from our youth with others we've developed together over a decade of marriage, such as each taking a turn to move the fabric mouse on the (cloth) advent calendar that we have every day until Christmas (he goes on day, I go the next and so on).

    Tons of hugs & the most festive of December wishes,
    ♥ Jessica



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