Special Cinema Spotlight: Across The Universe

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Across The Universe  (2007) is one of those films that may be an acquired taste for some because it is set to music and the 1960's kind. I find this film to actually be quite special. It may be because I am a big fan of Beatles music but the fact that there is a film set to Beatles music peaked my interest.

Set in the 1960's with the height of the Vietnam war and the changing climate within political, musical, artistic, economic, and racial circles, there is a love story. Jude who hails from England finds himself in America looking for his biological father. There he befriends Max who together they set out for some good old fashioned American adventures in the middle of Greenwich Village in New York. Greenwich Village was teeming with art and music and a whole slew of folk artists emerged from that one little corner of Manhattan. Seeing it all on screen is fun to watch.

Jude (Jim Sturgess) falls in love with Lucy (Evan Rachel Wood) who is the sister of Max, who gets drafted into war. Mix in their roommates Sadie, Jojo, and Prudence and you really get a feel of the times they are living in and how people reacted to those said times.

The film is colorful and visually inciting. Okay, some scenes are as if you are watching an acid trip but I think that is just to demonstrate life in the 1960's to some extent. The way the songs are placed adds to the story line and everything meshes really well together. You root for a happy ending amid all the turmoil of the war and you end up not being disappointed.

Across the Universe
Across the Universe
Across the Universe
Across the Universe

If you are a fan of the 60's, the Beatles, and romance then you are going to go bonkers with this film. If you aren't so much a fan of any of those, I say give it a try because you never know. I enjoyed it and found the film to be unique among modern films today.

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  1. this is one of my favorite films

    retro rover

  2. I really love this film. I know a lot of people don't, and I do think it's a little heavy handed at time, but it's still a lot of fun! It's visually stunning, as well, and I can never turn down Beatles music.