60th Anniversary of White Christmas

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On Monday night I watched for the very first time, White Christmas (1954) on the big screen. This year we celebrate its 60th Anniversary and TCM hosted the screenings which I blogged about recently HERE.

I have to tell you how in awe I felt watching Danny Kaye and Vera Ellen dancing across the screen. The costumes and the details just mesmerized me. I have seen this film quite a few times but on the big screen I noticed details in the dresses, the shoes, and the props that I never noticed before.

Suddenly the film became funnier, prettier, and more enjoyable all because I was seeing it the way it was meant to be seen. They truly made a holiday masterpiece 60 years ago. It is the kind of film that just resonates with the inner joy of Christmastime and the sort of film that makes you want to sing and dance along with the characters. It was just pure fun.

White Christmas

In honor of the 60th Anniversary of White Christmas, I want to share a few links I have from my previous blog and from various other fantastic sites:

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  1. This is the be all to end all on the Christmas movie front for me. It's the first I have clear memories of watching as a child and I consider it to be a very important source of inspiration in regards to my lifelong passion for all things vintage. I so, so wanted to be one of the sisters when I was a kid! Hard to believe it's 60 years old now - that's double my age. Not sure who that makes sound old. Me, the movie, both of us? :D

    ♥ Jessica