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The other day when I was answering some of my readers questions I posted photos wearing this fabulous cardigan but I didn't share more information about my outfit and now here I am to do so.

My staples as of late are simple ones that can be paired with a terrific cardigan and a brooch as a conversation piece. This specific outfit has two of my favorite staples; a white Peter Pan Collar Blouse  from Boden and a black Cotton Skirt with pockets from eShakti. You cannot go wrong with those two pieces. Pair it up with a fun cardigan and you can change that up over and over and still look fabulous.

For this outfit I wore a Anthropologie cardigan called Shoreline Scallop Cardigan Sparrow in yellow. They come in different colors and I scored mine via Ebay. My conversation piece is this incredibly beautiful brooch handmade by Rose Hudson whose shop on Etsy is called Happy Rose. I really love her work. She is so creative, the brooches are made of high quality, and she packages everything like so beautifully that I always yelp with joy when opening them.

I have worn a brooch of Rose's before in my Lady in Green... post in September. She also will make a brooch of the character of your choosing and right now I am debating between Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Great Tyrant from Barbarella. I may just ask her to do both! She is that good.

And there you go. Pick two staple pieces from your wardrobe and add a little zest to it with a unique top or cardigan and a conversation piece like a brooch, handbag, or flower crown. My Frida brooch means so much to me because I am a big fan of Frida Kahlo's artwork and how she lived her life. There is no doubt that this has become one of my favorite brooches in my collection.

Frida Kahlo

 Do you have staple pieces in your vintage or modern wardrobe? Have you ever shopped at Anthropologie before?


  1. very cute! I used to shop at anthro a lot but now Ive been getting everything via ebay and etsy and repro vintage shops but your cardigan is lovely and the pin makes the look

    retro rover

  2. This is such a great outfit! It merges comfort with beauty - always a pairing that is high up on my list. I adore a classic black pencil or a-line skirt and a cardigan, too. I'll often add a belt or scarf, perhaps a hat or snood and some practical pumps (or sandals in the summer) and be good to go for countless types of errands, informal get togethers, and even those ever present doctors appointments (not to mention just kicking back in around the house).

    ♥ Jessica



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