Movie Madness Monday: Mistletoe and Romance

A Vintage Nerd

One of the joys of the holiday season is that you get to watch all the romantic and dramatic Christmas movies without feeling like a sappy fool. Because it is the time of mistletoe and holly, we are totally forgiven and even encouraged to watch as many Christmas themed films as we can get our hands on!

This recommendation is coming from the heart, where the mistletoe leads to romance.

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Barbara Stanwyck

Cary Grant

Holiday Affair

Blending romance and the holidays together is genius. For films and for real life as well. The holidays are a time for cheer and for togetherness. The films above give us just that and in some cases a dash of comedy too!

Which is your favorite romantic Christmas themed film? Have you seen all of these recommendations already?

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  1. I have actually not seen any of these, but I'd love to rectify that in the near future. Holiday Inn is probably my favorite of the vintage Christmas movies, which, to be honest, I don't generally like. I'd rather do pretty much anything other than watch It's a Wonderful Life. Clean my toilet. Assemble Ikea furniture. Staple my lips together.

  2. Ooh there are some here I haven't seen! I can't get enough of Christmas movies. The Bishop's wife is a definite favourite, and in fact I'm working on a post about it myself! (But focusing on the hats.) Another good classic movie set at Christmas/New Year is "Bachelor Mother", with David Niven and Ginger Rogers. I can't rcommend it highly enough - I'm sure you'd love it!

  3. Such a lovely list! Christmas in Connecticut will always stand out in my mind as being the first Barbara Stanwyck movie I remember seeing as a youngster.

    ♥ Jessica