My Adventure At The Manhattan Vintage Show

by - February 10, 2015

A Vintage Nerd

The last time I attended The Manhattan Vintage Show was in January 2014 which you can see again HERE and HERE. I had the pleasure of meeting up with Joanna from Dividing Vintage Moments again and we had blast looking at all the amazing designer vintage from each of the booth. We bumped into a few other vintage gals and chatted up with a few of the sellers which was great fun to do.

Dividing Vintage Moments
1960's Coat
1960's Girl
Tea and Sympathy
Afternoon Tea

I just loved being back there again and hope to return in the future. The best part really is looking at vintage items up close, sharing it with a friend, and getting to know others.

Afterwards we headed to my favorite restaurant in the city, Tea and Sympathy, which I shared with all HERE a few months back. This time around I had the afternoon tea and it was truly divine. I am a textured oriented person and every single morsel was just heavenly to me. Joanna and I also had a great chat and a giggle fest or two. It was lovely spending the afternoon together and I look forward to doing it again one day.

Have you been to The Manhattan Vintage Show? Have you been to vintage shows nearby? Do you find it more enjoyable to see vintage item up close rather than shopping online?

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  1. Vintage shopping and scones, in great company. Doesn't get much better than that!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! All the bigger vintage shows here are in the summer, so I've got a few months to wait before I can start combing the booths again. I may literally be rubbing my hands together in anticipation.
    You and Joanna look so cute together! It's always a little funny to me to see bloggers in photos together; it's like, "oh, right, you exist in the real world."
    Love that photo of you in the pink coat, you look so Jackie O. I hope you got it!
    Jessica, Zella Maybe

  3. I had such an awesome time. I'm so glad we could do this together and hope for many, many more in the future. It's such a different experience to see everything up close and to actually know what you are getting. I hope you get your coral coat! I was just looking at the picture the other day and thinking how pretty it looked on you. I'm glad you found your hat and specs :)

  4. Ooohh, what a perfect afternoon! It's the sort of thing that all vintage lovers should be able to take part in, yet many aren't able to due to lack of shows and/or fellow old school fans anywhere even remotely close to them. It's truly awesome that you and Joanna are able to meetup occasionally for amazing events (and bonding sessions) like this.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Oh you look like you had a blast!! I hope to one day go to a vintage show with a fellow vintage loving friend!
    I much prefer to see vintage items in person, as I have very wide hips, I like to be able to hold something up to me, or better yet, try it on.

    Carla Tiny Angry Crafts