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I knew that attending The Manhattan Vintage Show would be fun again but I honestly didn't expect to find anything within my budget. After scouring vintage for four years now I finally know what is a good, reasonable price and what isn't. Because I was in the city there was a fear that everything will be overpriced but I have to say happily that I did find many well priced items for sale at the show.

I walked away from my day with three vintage treasures that were very reasonably priced and better still in colors that I believe are hard to find. I don't know about you but I find red, royal blue, kelly green, and coral to be really hard to find colors when it comes to vintage. I ended up finding two/three of the colors I mentioned and boy did I lucky. I feel like its not always the quantity but the quality of items you find.

Here are my scores from my latest trip to The Manhattan Vintage Show:

Manhattan Vintage Show
1960's Glasses
Vintage Glasses
1960's Gloves
Vintage Gloves
Vintage Hats
1960's Hat

So what do you think? I scored a pair of kelly green NOS gloves, a pair of non-prescription iridescent cat eyeglasses, and a 1960's royal blue pillbox hat. I honestly could have walked away from the show with just the gloves because I was so happy with them but I have been wanting some cat faux eyeglasses as well as some 1960's hats so I say it was a day well spent shopping.

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  1. *Squeal!!!* What thoroughly awesome finds! I love them all - can't pick a fave even, they're all fabulous. I agree that there are certain colours that are quire tricky to find in vintage pieces, with royal blue often being one of them. I only have one vintage hat with a bit of royal blue on it.

    Congrats on your great new (old) finds, sweet gal!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Great finds! Congratulations. I would love to read a post on how to measure one's hat size if you ever are looking for something to write about.

  3. I'm loving your finds. Those vintage glasses are really marvelous, and I'm sure they'll look amazing on you in a future post. And I could kind of see that hat and gloves be paired together, maybe with a cute 60s style shift dress - very swinging 60s. Or not. :P

  4. I have to say I love the specs the most because it took you two years of thinking about them:))) I'm so happy you scored them and can't wait to see your blog post with them on :))

  5. What fantastic finds! I love the hat and the color of the gloves is beautiful!

  6. Oh all of your finds look amazing!!! I can't wait to see what you wear with that hat!

    Carla, Tiny Angry Crafts