Monday, August 31, 2015

August Links To Love

Charlie Chaplin

The summer is just about over. Boy did it fly by! I guess it does when you're having fun or have a house full of small kids. But before the summer creeps away on this end of the world I wanted to share some interesting links I read over the course of the month.

It was nice to hear something about the boy who cradled RFK after he was shot. I always wondered about him. I also love the fasihon being the best part of the movie article. Oftentimes it is. I don't know if thats a good or bad thing but looking at pretty dresses is always a-okay in my book. My last favorite from this bunch was reading a bit about the last season of Downton Abbey. I cannot believe they are ending it in the 1920's. I feel like there is so much more they could share if they shared stories about the characters in the span of a few years rather than a few months. This should be an interesting ride for those of us who are DA fans!

Tough Dames of the 20th Century

Did you find anything interesting to read this month? Books, articles, blog posts? Which of these links did you enjoy best?

Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Little Vintage Goes A Long Way

1960s Fashion

When you love vintage, in particular vintage fashion, you have two main options to work with. You can search for authentic vintage clothing or you can score yourself some reproductions pieces. For vintage most people thrift, hit yard sales, flea markets, and scour online sites like Etsy/Ebay. For reproduction most people shop via Pinup Girl Clothing, Freddies of Pinewood, Miss L Fire, Lindy Bop, and Bernie Dexter just to name a few.

Lately finding vintage seems to get more rare and difficult occurance. Most shops sell dresses only in a sizes x-small and small. Good on those who are but most women aren't. What is a girl to do who is having troubles finding the vintage she loves? Well, many go the route of reproduction.

But then what happens when a girl cannot afford the $150 dollar reproduction dresses and $200 dollar reproduction jeans? How about meshing your vintage stash with modern pieces or better still, your vintage pieces with modern dresses (just for example) that have a vintage flare. So technicially the dress wouldn't be vintage and it wouldn't be reproduction but it would have a tinge of vintage to it. Then you can add your authentic vintage accessories to your outfit along with a great hair style to boot.  Your end result will be a fantastically vintagey look all your own!

Vintage Fashion

My cotton dress is from eShakti and my cropped cardigan is from Modcloth. All of the accessories I paired my outfit with are vintage minus my sunglasses, headband, and belt. I really think both accessories and hair/makeup can easily turn a modern outfit into one that resinates a vintage style.

Adding a little vintage really does go a long way. Have you experimented with different ways of expressing your vintage style? What do you think of simply adding a little vintage to your look compared to attempting to create a look that is entirely authentically vintage?

**Side Note: Thanks to one of my lovely readers for reminding me that sewing your vintage inspired clothes is another option. It totally slipped my mind!**

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Little Love In Your Shades

A Vintage Nerd

I confess that I have always gravitated toward funky shaped sunglasses. If I can ever find some pictures of myself from my teen years I will most definitely share. Not everyone is a fan of odd shaped eye wear but I always found them to be fun and its such a great way to add a little whimsy to your outfit. Not to mention that they are a fantastic statement piece.

Heart shaped eye wear has been around for quite some time. There's an old description of those who wear odd shaped glasses that I included in this post. I think its true. People who dare to wear uniquely shaped glasses or sunglasses express personality when they do so. They aren't just being cookie cutter or mainstream but stepping out of the usual and becoming unusual. I used to get teased by friends in high school for my eclectic taste in shades but fear not, it never stopped me from wearing them. Til this day I still gravitate towards them.

1960s Fashion

History of eyewear
Heart Shaped Sunglasses
Sue Lyons
1960s Heart

Heart shaped sunglasses were made even more popular in the 1960's because of the scandalous book turned to film called Lolita (1962). Sue Lyon wore them in the film and they became a part of the iconic poster for the film as well.

I scored mine at Modcloth but thankfully you can find a pair of heart shaped sunglasses in all sorts of shops.

Have you ever worn heart shaped sunglasses? Do you find odd shaped eye wear to be a little too much fashion-wise?

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pop Culture Tuesdays: Heathers Goes Vintage

1988 Heathers Fashion

I don't know if this has happened to you while you are watching a modern film (pre-1980) but suddenly you find yourself noticing aspects of vintage fashion that the characters are wearing that you would have never noticed before. Well, that happened to me while watching the 1988 film Heathers.

Today it has garnered cult movie status but to me it was a movie like so many others that were a part of my childhood and teens years. It's now  become a staple for every 80's movie collection.

This time around while I was watching it I kept seeing a whole lot of 1940's fashion. My jaw dropped! How did I miss this? I remember loving their outfits when I was twelve in 1988 when it came out and noticed the resemblance when I watched Clueless in the 90's, but vintage fashion never crossed my mind. After taking a closer look at the fashion in the film Heathers, it was evident to me that the designer on set must have been inspired by vintage fashion, in particular the 1940's.

Double breasted jackets, brooches, the cut of particular dresses, and even Veronica's pageboy-esque hair, to me seemed like it came right out of the 1940's. Thanks to my eyes opening up more to the world of fashion, specifically vintage, I will forever see Heathers going vintage!

Heathers Goes Vintage
Vintage Fashion in Movies
1980s Does 1940s
Vintage Fashion in Films
Vintage Fashion

Did you ever notice the vintage influence in this film? Are there other bits of fashion in the film that you think are inspired by the past?

Monday, August 10, 2015

Special Cinema Spotlight: Windtalkers


Every point in history has moments that can become a little fuzzy, distorted, misplaced, or even forgotten. I knew people of color fought in WWII only because my own grandpa fought in Normandy. As I grew older I learned not only Latinos played important roles in the winning of the war but Italians, African-Americans, Asians, Jews, and Native Americans.

What I didn't know where the specifics in the roles they played. Slowly I have been learning thanks to a fantastic array of books available because those who fought and witnessed shared their personal stories. Many of those stories were made into films so now we have two learning tools, aside from history books, that we can learn more about the people who bravely fought in WWII.

Windtalkers is that type of film where we learn the important role that Navajos played in the winning of the war. Everyone played a role in securing the freedoms from oppression during that time. From the children collecting metal scraps to the nurses and the mechanics to the men and women who flew the planes. But the role of the Navajo and other Native Americans seems to be almost forgotten or lost in the millions of others stories about the war.



The Japanese were gaining the high ground in the Pacific and one of the reasons was because they would figure out how to break our code over and over again. The U. S. government begins then to bring in Navajo in order to communicate vital information via radios. The Navajo have a strong oral tradition so the Navajo code talkers were taught specific codes within their own language. Native Navajo would even be confused by this specific use of the language.

In this film you follow the story of Joe Enders (Nicholas Cage) and Ben Yahzee (Adam Beach). Joe, an exhausted and haunted marine who is assigned to protect Ben. Ben is a Navajo who is taught the code within the Navajo language. As the story unfolds we watch a friendship and respect being formed between these two characters. People weren't as open minded about different cultures and religions as they are now so it was a challenge for the Navajo to be acclimated. The journey together is rough, violent, devastating, scary, and challenging but best of all we learn just a little bit more on what the Navajo did during WWII.

Have you seen this film? Do feel like there is so much more to learn about The Great War and WWII in particular?

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Colorful Carnival

A Vintage Nerd

Bringing more color into my life has been a goal of mine since I began my journey into vintage. This summer I put aside my trusty blues and blacks and went for a bright and colorful look. I dolled up for my eldest son's graduation and hammed it up among some equally colorful carnival rides in the school yard.

It's safe to say that delving into vintage has given me some good challenges to face. Trying new colors when it comes to fashion can be tricky especially when you aren't the type of person who likes a lot of attention. Wear a striking red or bright yellow and you are bound to have a few heads turned.

I don't regret challenging myself when it comes to my evolving fashion tastes. I'm finding it fun and a surprisingly creative outlet. And its safe to say I did turn some heads. I don't think it was just because of the brightness of my fabulous vintage ensemble but also because I was dressed in vintage. People in my neighborhood are not used to seeing such things. You'd think New Yorkers are open to creative people but in my particular borough in New York there view on creativity isn't as open as it is in other areas of the city.

But I don't regret it. My children think I look fabulous and I feel amazing so to me that's all that matters. Be colorful and pose in front of random carnival rides. Why not?

1960s Fashion
Vintage Blogger
Vintage Fashion

What I Wore:

Vintage Dress: Hollipoint
White Cropped Cardigan: Old Navy
1950's Blue Wicker Handbag: Ebay
Vintage Gloves: Vintage Market
Jewelry: Thrift Shops
White Headband: ruthkim

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Must See TV: Mildred Pierce (Miniseries)

Mildred Pierce

I was reluctant to give this remake of the classic Mildred Pierce a chance. Frankly I don't like the movie industry always feeling the impulse to remake a movie. I find very few remakes to be as good as the original. I'm not a purist when it comes to film or television, just someone who is a fan of knowing when stuff is good and feeling strongly that doesn't need improvement.

I caved in when I found this remake on Netflix and popped it into my dvd player not knowing if it would live up to the masterpiece that was the original that came out 1945, starring Joan Crawford and Ann Blyth.

First difference is that this remake is a miniseries so it definitely delves into characters a lot deeper because there is time to do it in the span of 5 long episodes. I loved learning more on how Mildred progressed from scorned housewife to successful business woman to then complete the circle and finally choose herself above her daughter.

The fashion and details in the miniseries were a absolute visual delight. I appreciated the work the creators behind the miniseries took to recreating Mildred's world because the world she lived in is a character as well.

I confess that I enjoyed Kate Winslet's portrayal of Mildred better in some ways which surprised me but I loved Ann Blyth's performance as Mildred's daughter, Veda in the original film better. I couldn't help but feel sometimes like I wanted to cut and paste between the two pieces of work and recreate the perfect version of Mildred Pierce.

I don't know if you are aware but its based on a book written by James M. Cain and published in 1941. It seems that this version is the one that was made exactly how the book was written. The ending in the original film has Veda killing her stepfather and going to jail. The ending in the miniseries and book is vastly different so you should be aware of that. It disappointed some and not others. I liked both actually. The reason the original has the murder put in is because at the time there was a policy in the studios to have characters who were bad pay the price for their indiscretions.

Mildred Pierce
Mildred Pierce
Mildred Pierce
Mildred Pierce

I can say now that I am really glad I watched it. I could have watched Kate Winslet play Mildred for hours on end. She was that good. I understood more about her complex character. I liked how she was both vulnerable and strong and you can see how and why she became the way she was. You can see it a bit in Joan's performance but I find Joan's face harsh in appearance in the film and I that has always distracted me.

Have you seen this remake of Mildred Pierce? What did you think? Have you read the book or seen the original film?
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