Must See TV: Home Fires

by - January 07, 2016

a vintage nerd

I feel like I am drawn to Masterpiece Theater and period themed shows like a moth to a flame. And every time there is a new show or older show that I haven't seen yet I already know that at some point I have to watch it. And that's what happened when I learned of this show called, Home Fires (which I confess for some reason every time I say it in my head I hear Home Fries-oh dear)

The setting is a very small country town in Cheshire, England. The town is beautiful and in my eyes, idyllic. I want to move there immediately! It begins just right before the second world war has been declared on England and moves through the war years at a believable pace.

The cast of characters are a array of women who all are members of the Women's Institute. An organization founded before the first war and still exists today. Each of these women plays a specific role in the show but at the end it is always their work in the WI that brings them together. They are united under that prestigious organization and given a voice in a war where voices where often silenced.

world war II
Home Fires
home fires
Home Fires

 Season One is available on Amazon and on Netflix while Season Two has already been filmed and is speculated to be coming out in May 2016.

If you love period themed shows like I do, if you find struggles during the second world war to be inspiring and moving, and if you enjoy watching an array of female characters battling the war on the home front-then you will be very please with this show!

A Vintage Nerd Supplementary Reading:

Background information on the Women's Institute

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  1. Ooo, I will add this to my Netflix queue today. You have the best recommendations!

  2. I love this show; I posted about it a few weeks ago on my blog! I too find the female struggle on the homefront to be quite fascinating. I can't wait for season two. Cheers x

  3. This sounds awesome. Thank you for the great viewing suggestion. All of points that you mentioned get check marks from me, so I'll certainly try to catch this sooner or later.

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Thank you for sharing this !! I watched the 6 episodes in 3 days, and I just wanna get to season 2.
    I think all the characters are really interesting.

    Have a nice day :)

  5. I have to watch this! Abc has a lovely show called The Zoo check it out its great for all the family, set in the UK about a mans quest to open a bar/cage free zoo with his family.