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A Vintage Nerd Kate Spade Novelty Handbags Novelty Handbag Lookbook

I think adding cute to your wardrobe has always been a dreamy thing to do for any girl at any age. Kitschy is cute and fun and stylish. It adds the pop to your little black 1950's dress or that conversation piece that makes others take notice.

We are all guilty of searching endlessly for vintage novelty printed skirts, dresses, fabric, and accessories. Finding that piece that perhaps only a small handful of people in the world owns is very exciting.

I honestly think that is why in the fashion industry unique lines like Vivetta, Orla Kiely, and BOB by Dawn O'Porter are priced so highly is because they want you to feel as thought not everyone will be able to snag these pieces, therefore you will continue to stand out fashion wise. I get it. I do.

Ironically those three companies style their clothing with a modern 1960's twist and truly their items are gorgeous. But until I win the lottery I will just continue to admire them and drool over their pieces from afar.

Kate Spade and Betsy Johnson are designers that I am more familiar with and although they are not known to be on cheap end of the spectrum they do often have reasonable sales. I do know that when you order from Kate Spade they always include a coupon for you to use on your next purchase which I find to be really cool.

I am sharing with you today some really good quality kitschy handbags that will add that bang you're looking for. Although some are pricey, I can attest that they are very good quality and pieces that will last you years and years to come. So when you cannot find cool vintage novelty, kitschy handbags you can turn to Kate Spade and Betsy Johnson and know that you are getting pieces that not everyone is walking around wearing and still maintain that level of uniqueness that we all love so much and we get when we are wearing our vintage best.
A Vintage Nerd Kate Spade Novelty Handbags Novelty Handbag Lookbook
Betsy Johnson
Do you like adding kitschy to your vintage or vintage inspired wardrobe? If so, what are your favorites? Hats, handbags, glasses, shoes? What do you think about these pieces? Would you wear them out in your vintagey best?

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  1. They are all cool, and I especially love the vintage stove one!

  2. I don't usually go for novelty items, but some of these are so cute! I love the Oh Honey bag and the wicker teapot, they're both really fun and sweet.

  3. I think the flower pot, and the vintage oven are very cute! I love kitsch, it's fun and ditzy and unique.

  4. Seriously adorable selection! It's super hard to pick a favourite. I can look at each one and instantly picture at least one outfit in my closet that I know it would work with. From the pretzel for Oktoberfest to the ferris wheel for when the fair comes to town, I'd rock them all! :)

    ♥ Jessica