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by - September 23, 2017

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A day out in the city, what we New Yorkers refer to as Manhattan, can be a day of endless stress or a day of endless adventure. If you are lucky you may have struck a balance between the two. I used to temp in my early 20's when I was finishing my degree and I worked for folks like Estee Lauder and the Food Network. Commuting into the city was harsh but when you're younger for some odd reason you seem to have less awareness and more aloofness. The commute wasn't that bad in retrospect. Back then I was still able to take the train on my own and relished in the independence of working in the city. Today its a different story.

Not once did it cross my mind back then that I would have a hard time commuting into the city. I wasn't fully aware perhaps or fully accepting of my disability as I am now. For me, it seems that motherhood really opened my eyes to a lot of things. My disability is one of them. I understand my weaknesses and strengths now and understand my limits as well as my ability to rise above it all. I'll be frank, I cannot commute into the city on my own anymore. If I could I would be taking out my children out more often for city adventures on my own. I cannot tell you how frustrating and disappointing it is to know that I can't. I cannot run anymore, my balance is questionable, and my stamina for standing for long periods as well as climbing stairs has lessoned considerably.

I'm so glad I did so many things in the city when I was younger and although I face the challenge of not being able to go as often as I would like, my supportive husband makes sure I get into the city at least once a month. I know most New York bloggers have these fabulous photos of themselves all over Manhattan but I can't compete with them. And thats okay. They don't have three young children, a physical disability, and a husband who works two jobs. But just because I have a few challenges doesn't mean I don't love being a blogger in the city.

I will tell you a secret. I have slowly but steadily combined my dedication to parenting with my passion for blogging. That means when I find a fun vintage type of event to attend the whole family comes along for the ride. My husband and children understand my love for all things old and they love seeing me do what I love to do. I also love sharing the past with them and the neat thing is they all have been learning new things just as I have. Whether its a museum exhibit or music event or a fashion event, they tag along for the ride with me. I also make sure that when we are going for an outing into the city everyone gets something out of it. Not just mommy. So I doll up, take a quick photo shoot (that is because the kids are bouncing around everywhere and I need to keep an eye on them while I pose and do my thing), and then we have fun doing something different as well as enjoying each others company as a family.

For example, the day of this shoot we took our children to the American Museum of Natural History for the very first time. We also took the step of becoming members which is very exciting for us as we have never done so before. I find it to be a money saver when you have kids our age. Before we went to the museum mommy did her blog thing and then we went off to have fun.

I love being a New Yorker. I love being a mommy. I love being a blogger. Combing the three can be tricky. So no, you won't see me with a zillion amazing photos every other day on my Instagram with Manhattan in the background. But you will see me. New York just isn't one tiny island, it is made up of much more.

Being a New Yorker you have to have a certain state of mind. A certain confidence when you are walking down a street you don't know, a certain curiosity when you enter a museum you haven't been to before, and a certain flare for the creative. So if you find me in the city, you will find me with my family and you will find me dolled up in my vintage inspired best. I'm their mom but I am also a blogger. And at the end of the day always a relentless New Yorker. I won't let some pesky challenges get in the way of me paving my own way. I hope you won't let any get in the way of yours either.

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  1. Im so glad you share this with your family...thats what being a family means and your children are blessed to have a mom who interacts and shares the differences in life. we are all different and shedding light on the fact that you can achieve with a disability is strength. Suzanne