A Vintage Nerd in London: Part I

by - October 10, 2017

A year ago this week I flew to England to make a childhood dream come true with my childhood best friend. It is something we both wanted to do for a long time and I have been wanting to go back to England for ages, so we combined both ideas and met up with each other in London. We filled our days together with typical tourist activities as well as vintage themed activities. One of the best days was when we decided to walk from our hotel in Belgrave Road to see Big Ben. The locals thought we were nuts but we rested beforehand and I have to say that walk was one of my favorite memories of my visit.

After my return home so many things happened that I was unable to share photos of my trip with all of you. I thought since it is a year ago now since my visit that I could finally share with you some of the things I enjoyed. I put together three posts of some of my favorite photos, some were taken with my Canon and some with my iPhone. It isn't laid out in chronological order but rather a nice smorgasbord of what my visit was like back in October 2016. It really was a dream come true to be able to do this. I learned a lot about myself which I will share on part three of my London posts.

I have traveled over to England in all the seasons except for Fall and its my favorite season of all. London did not disappoint weather wise at all. I found it amusing that when it did rain a few drops, Londoners took it in stride and didn't carry umbrellas at all. I also discovered that one of my favorite accessories, a scarf, had dual usage for keep me warm and dry when it did drizzle a bit.

I haven't visited England prior to this visit since 2001 and for some reason in my head I remembered that London was easy to handle. Well, I was wrong. London is about 80 Manhattans rolled into one, its massive. Not only is it huge, it is bustling with construction and restoration of many properties. It is also bustling full to the rim with immigrants from all over Europe. Fifteen years prior it wasn't like that and I found this fascinating. Despite the busyness of the city I never once had a bad moment with anyone. Whether they were drunk at a local pup or making their way through the tube to get to work or clamoring to get through traffic. I found everyone to be polite.

To be honest people were more than just polite. They were kind, helpful, and compassionate. I cannot tell you how many times I was given help because of my disability. This is something I did not expect in such a large city because this is something I struggle with in New York. No one ever gives me a seat,  not even the disabled seat. Needless to say, I was pleasantly shocked and very impressed. It made me feel respected and valued instead of just ignored and mistreated as I often feel here especially when it comes to public transportation. It was a refreshing experience.

I highly recommend if you visit London at some point to check out these things. Victoria, London is in the heart of so many enjoyable tourist spots. The tube is nearby and its so clean and pretty. Dishoom is the best Indian food I have had in my life and this is from someone who cannot consume spicy food anymore, it was divine. Rocklily Cuts is an utterly adorable retro hair salon and they were so lovely there.

The way I travel includes some planned things and some unplanned things. We did have a lot of things that were planned because many things required reservations, but in-between those activities just being able to take in the sights and environment was pure bliss for me.

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  1. such a lovely post..i want to go back too and just absorbe london ive always been on tours but just a casual walk can discover amazing things

  2. such a lovely post..i want to go back too and just absorbe london ive always been on tours but just a casual walk can discover amazing things