Merry Catmas

by - December 24, 2017

Like many of you, I have been thinking about what I am grateful for during this holiday season. I thought of how how grateful I am that I made it through some bad health issues in the beginning of the year, our home, my husband, and the children. So many simple yet important things I'm grateful for.

I've also been thinking about Sophie, our cat who we lost this June. Ironically I wasn't a cat person but she won my heart, she won all our hearts. After we lost her I decided that I wouldn't think of adopting again until I really felt ready. The summer was quiet without her, even with three little kids running around the house all day long. There was a silence I couldn't quite explain. 

Then I did something I didn't expect that I would do. I found myself getting in contact with the hospital where Sophie was a patient, I found out that there were pair of siblings that were available for adoption and something inside of me told me that I would have to meet them.

We visited them a few times before adoption but I knew the moment I met Audie and Millie that they were meant to be mine. We officially adopted them this September and although there were some bumps in the road, we are all finally settled in now as a family of seven!

Now they are six months old and every day I fall more in love with them and for that I am grateful. While nothing could ever replace Sophie, Audie and Millie have made a wonderful addition to our family. Making this an extra special Merry Catmas.

So, happy Christmas to you all. Here's hoping the holidays bring you continued joy and many blessings.

Outfit: Plaid Jammies from Old Navy
Home Decor: Christmas Bedding from Target, Throw Pillows/Felt Garlands from TJ Max

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  1. So happy you have the kittens pets make a home. Xxx