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by - July 23, 2017

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June was still bearable weather wise here in New York and I took full advantage of it. I went on an outing to the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan with my children I decided to wear a Mother's Day dress I received from my husband.

The dress is called the Darlene in Crazy Cat Lady Print by Bernie Dexter. It has Peter Pan collars, a tie, short sleeves, pockets, and a zipper in the front. It's made of cotton so it is wonderful to wear in any weather, especially the summer. The dress is covered with adorable kitty cats getting invovled in all sorts of mischief and I love it.

I wore it also as a remembrance to my Sophie. I never thought I would ever be a cat person but 15 years ago I adopted a black kitty that I named Sophie. My husband and I got her one month after we started dating so in many ways she was our first child.  She was a huge part of our lives, of my life. She knew me when I was a teacher, when my husband and I were dating, and then married. She came to live with me in my first apartment then into my first house. I watched her take her first steps up a flight of stairs in our new home. She experienced becoming a big sister three times in four years. She really was not happy about that but eventually she came to adore her siblings. She would lay on my stomach and I would feel her purr. She was the prettiest cat I had ever seen. So patient, loving, kind, playful yet gentle, and always took the time to be with her mama.

We lost Sophie this summer. I thought on this outing not only could I wear my Mother's Day gift but also honor her in a small way. I find myself trying to honor her in other ways as well but all of this is still very new to me. I have never spent a lifetime with an animal before and held them when they passed. We loved her with everything we had. I decided that I can never have another black cat because she was so extraordinarily special to us. But if you ever see me wearing something with cats or a black cat, know that I do so in memory of her. I do it to feel close to her in some small way.

So spending the day in a dress in its crazy cat lady print was was perfect because of Sophie I have become just that.

Vintage Blogger
Cat Dress
Forever 21
Bernie Dexter
Bernie Dexter

Outfit: Bernie Dexter Darlene in Crazy Cat Lady Print,
Forever 21 Black Cat Beret/Purse/Vintage Black Earrings/TJ Max Sunglasses

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  1. Hi Daffny, Love the dress and beret combo - a very pretty and whimsical outfit and so lovely to hold Sophie in mind in this way. Your family are very cute and it's fun to see the interesting and happy fashion gene in the next generation

  2. That is a lovely sweet thought, and it's a charming outfit too.

  3. they are always in your heart. beautiful tribute. x suzanne