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I hope you like the little peak I shared into one of Joe Bonomo mini books, How To Become Lovelier  After Forty. Today is actually my birthday and I have turned 42-woweee! I wanted to celebrated my special day with you by hosting a giveaway for your own boxset of Joe Bonomo books.

In this set you will receive 12 pocket sized manuals that are each 64 pages long. They are filled with sage advice and information that you will be enjoying for days to come. They really are neat little books that can fit easily into your pocket or purses.

These are the manuals you will receive:

  1. Building Body Power
  2. Your Baby
  3. Special Guide for Brides to be
  4. How to Become Lovelier After Forty
  5. Your Hair
  6. Make-up
  7. Gain Weight
  8. How to Beautify Your Bust Contour
  9. How to be a Good Dancer
  10. How to Develop a More Successful Personality
  11. How to Give Successful Parties
  12. How too Simplify Your Housekeeping
You will be getting them all in their storage box. Keep in mind all these items are about 60-70 years old so they aren't perfect but there are no rips or missing pages. A set like this is hard to find so I hope you all join in this special giveaway and share it with others. Good luck!

A Vintage Nerd Joe Bonomo Vintage Books Self Help Guide 1940's
Joe Bonomo


  1. Happy, happy birthday!! The booklets are so cool! The graphics are amazing.

  2. Happy birthday, you youngster!

  3. I've seen some of these on pinterest before, but never the books themselves! So great!



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