Vintage Summer Fashion Inspiration

Here we are at the last weeks of summer at my end of the world and its getting hotter and hotter. I am not a summer person but its really mainly because of my CMT. Those with CMT (peripheral nerve disease) don't handle extreme cold or heat well. Its does all these strange things to us that makes things painful, difficult, and very very uncomfortable. I know for me during the summer I over heat, mind you I have to wear plastic leg braces all day long so you can imagine that discomfort. But despite my body's dislike for this season I do appreciate the down time away from school stuff from the kids, the coolness of my air conditioner, and the abundance of strawberry icey treats that come my way. 

Something I can always appreciate as well are the summer fashions of the bygone decades. I love how feminine dresses remained even for warmer weather and how incredibly cute it was for women to match their tops and bottoms with their shoes and hats. Who doesn't adore a well color coordinated outfit? 

What sort of vintage fashion do you like to use during your summers? Do you keep cool with a vintage headscarf  and sunglasses or do you prefer cotton dresses with matching purses? 

If you would like to see more vintage fashion inspiration swing by to these links:

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