The 4 Lessons I Learned from Miracle on 34th Street


Miracle on 34th Street (1947) is one of those quintessential Christmas movies that for many of us, is a part of our childhood holiday memories. Starring Maureen O'HaraJohn PayneNatalie Wood, and Edmund Gwenn. Natalie Wood was just nine years old when this film came out and was already her sixth film.

The story follows the Walker family (O'Hara and Wood), their neighbor Fred Gailey, and the illusive Kris Kringle. From beginning to end you can't help but wonder if Kris Kringle is really Santa Claus. It keeps you wrapped up in this sweet mystery all the while teaching valuable life lessons.

Here are 4 lessons I learned after watching Miracle on 34th Street:

1. We should never forget what it feels like to be a child whether we are a child still or all grown up. Keeping a connection to our innocence and fun keeps us young at heart.

2. Be passionate about the things you love. Kris loves being Santa Claus so whether he is or isn't doesn't matter. He loves what he does.

3. Don't use your past as a way to stop yourself from living a fuller and happier life. We all make mistakes, some big and some small. We are all perfectly imperfect. Don't use your past as an excuse to not be your best self.

4. Believe in the impossible. Not everything can be explained. Just repeat after me, "I believe...I believe... I believe."

Miracle on 34th Street really embodies the spirit of Christmas. The spirit the reminds us of the importance of friendship, love, and faith.

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  1. One of my favorite holiday movies (and can't help, but love the book too!) and four lessons I whole-heartedly agree with! Hope you and your family had a very merry Christmas!

    1. Oh thank you so much! Its really a special film isn't? Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!! xox