How to Destress with Panic Pete

These days we are all feeling the affects of the stress. Each of us are attempting to deal with it the best way we can especially within a quarantine environment. We take walks when we can, watch a good movie, drink a cup of hot tea, or listen to music, all as a means to destress. 

This is where a little fella called Panic Pete comes into play. Give him a good squeeze and his eyes, nose, and ears all pop out. I mean adding one to your list of destressers is not a bad idea given he's cute, retro, affordable, and gets the job done. Think of him as the ultimate stress ball. I scored mine recently at Bobb Howard's General Store which is a local retro candy shop that doesn't just have a selection of nostalgic treats but also nostalgic toys and gifts. 

These days I'm trying to add in as much fun and cuteness into my life as I can. Panic Pete does the trick for me. Have you ever used stress balls to destress? 

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