How To Wear Sunglasses Old Hollywood Style


Summer will be here before you know it! Spring seems to dash away in the blink of an eye here in New York and I know the one thing I will need is a good pair of sunglasses.

When I was younger, I was the teenager who always bought the funkiest sunglasses I could get my hands on. I didn't care if I looked weird, I just loved wearing sunglasses.

Nowadays I am more fashion conscious and as I get older I also feel like I want my sunglasses to last longer than a season. So that means searching and finding really good quality sunglasses to wear this summer.

I am currently on the hunt for a few pairs of sunglasses and I will share with you on how to best find yours but before I do that I wanted to show you some of the great beauties and talents of yesteryear and how their wore their sunglasses Old Hollywood Style.

Rita Hayworth
Audrey Hepburn
Grace Kelly
Bette Davis

Have you ever wondering what was the shape of your face or how you should go about finding the perfect pair of sunglasses? Tune in tomorrow where I will share with you a few useful tips on what kind of sunglasses go best with the shape of your face.

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  1. AnonymousMay 20, 2014

    Those pics are so glamours! I was never able to wear sunglasses b/c of my strong prescription but I finally got a pair of prescription sunglasses when I turned thirty. Now I can't imagine life without them.

  2. I love the smaller cat eye glasses but they don't look the same on round faces. I always look like I am wearing Mr. Potato Head glasses!

    Hellcat Vintage

  3. Oh, what is it about sunglasses that make the glamours look even more glamorous!!! I have struggled for years to find a pair of sunnies that actually suit me and my face shape, so I am looking forward to your suggestions! x

  4. Fantastic summertime sunnies - the last two in particular are really calling my name. It's only (or very nearly) when I think of sunglasses that I wish I didn't need prescription lenses, as that point greatly limits my ability to buy sunglasses - or least ones that let me see more than a foot or two in front of myself (I'm nearsighted). Oh well, I've got a great pair of 1950s style plastic tortoise shell ones that I adore and can see through since they're prescription, which see me through each summer and go with nearly everything, so I'm really not complaining (though it would be cool to have a wardrobe of sunglasses to pick from).

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Love cat eye sunglasses! I've got several that I wear and never fail to get compliments! You can buy vintage glasses or just the frames and have your optometrist put prescription sunglass lenses in. Gives you a lot more options when looking for cool sunglasses :)

  6. So glad you all enjoyed these photos as much as I have! Thank you for all your lovely comments! xox


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