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A Vintage Nerd is on YouTube! Omg. I did it. I will not lie, it was a bit scary but I did it! I hope you like it and will follow AVN on YouTube!

There will be more videos to follow soon! If you have any requests or things you would like to see just let me know and I will do my very best!

If you would like to see my very first video just click HERE! Let me know your thoughts!! And thank  you for looking!

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  1. Ooooh! I am so excited to see what you do! :)

  2. Congratulations on your first youtube video! I can't wait to see future ones!

  3. Check you out:) Love it! Congratulations on going to YouTube!

  4. I like your video! You look and sound great, and you seem really natural in front of the camera. Great job, I look forward to more. :)
    Jessica, zellamaybe.com

  5. Great video! You sounded very confident and you looked adorable.

  6. Ohhhh yeapeeeeeeeeeeee thank you everyone so much! Phew. This was scary to do but glad I did it. Thank you for all of your positive and kind words!!! xox


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