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I would like to welcome my daughter, A Little Vintage Nerd as a new contributor to A Vintage Nerd blog. She will be writing monthly posts focusing on the subject of teen life. Her posts will be found in the Vintage Teen section of my blog. Her posts will contain her personal opinions and views on all things teen related from yesteryear. She will review vintage teen magazines, share her favorite vintage styles, review classic films focusing on teen life, and share what things from the past can be still valued and used today.

My aim is to allow A Little Vintage Nerd the safe space here on my blog to explore her passion for writing and all things vintage.

If there are topics you would like to suggest to A Little Vintage Nerd, let us know here in the comments? Suggestions can include films to review, teen topics to discuss, and eras of fashion to explore, just to name a few.

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  1. So cute. Love this! She might be interested in this blog post. It is titled like it is more about boys hairstyles, but it is a bunch of pages from a 1950s teen magazine about hairstyles teenagers were wearing. I have a link to download the article as a high-res pdf in the blog post too.

    1. Oh thank you Lauren! You did a great post as well! xox


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