Vintage Nerdy Goodies From Santa!

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Yesterday I shared some of my holiday memories and today I would like to share what vintage nerdy goodies Santa brought me. I have been seeing loads of folks on Instagram sharing what Santa brought them so I figured, hey why not? It's fun to share! But before I do, what did Santa bring you?

I feel incredibly blessed to receive anything at all because since the children have come my husband and I don't really exchange gifts anymore. It may sound corny but we give each other so much throughout the year that we feel that its important to just focus on the children. But this year we both surprised one another with oodles of nerdy goodness.

My husband supplied me with some awesome bookmarks (I don't like folding the pages of my books), two fantastic books that I cannot wait to share in my book club series and dvds. I mean how happy was I to get books and movies-two of my favorite things hehe

One of my sister's in law gave me two stunning vintage hats, the cutest vintagey inspired notepads/cards, a vintage necklace, and a few other goodies not posted. She is such an awesome gift giver. Gahhhh! I feel so lucky to have these things! I also received a few gift cards from family members and decided that gift cards just flippin rock!

So, here is a look at some of my goodies. Which is your favorite?


  1. I got Classic Hollywood Style as a gift at Christmas too. A lovely book. Some wonderful treasures:)

  2. Great gifts! Most of my familly don't give any gifts to me because they know that my taste is quite ... special!
    I like to choose my gift, I'm sure that I will be pleased!
    My husband and I like to save some money for a huge trip every year, that's what keep the most in our minds!

  3. I want to get Classic Hollywood Style, have flicked through it and it looks great. I loved reading The Help and enjoyed the film too. Lovely presents.

  4. My husband got me Classic Hollywood Style and it now sits on my coffee table :) I also have the pink magnetic list on my fridge :D

  5. Nice loot! Santa was quite generous to you. ;-)

  6. Fabulous Christmas presents! That furry hat is super chic and will, I'd imagine, be so much fun to style.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. You must have been a very good girl ;-)



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