AVN Book Club: Make Do and Mend


Make Do and Mend is a brilliant collection of WWII informational pamphlets that were given out to inform the population on how to cut costs, stretch their food/clothing, and tend to their home.

I love how the author, Jill Norman compiled all of these amazing pamphlets together so that we can see more of how people dealt with the war on the home front, in particular woman. The pamphlets are very detailed and easy to follow so that anyone can save money and stretch out their own resources and in doing so they helped the war effort tremendously.

The book is a small-medium sized hardcover book which includes oodles of color visuals and how-to's for anything and everything. Imagine getting these pamphlets while your husband is away fighting in war and you may not have many family or friends nearby to help. I can only assume they must have helped so many women keep their heads above water and also feel good about being able to take care of themselves especially in such an intense time of sacrifice.

Make Do and Mend
WWII Homefront
Make Do and Mend

Aren't these pages so beautiful and they are teeming with information that we can still use today! I mean in this bad economy who doesn't want to learn how they can save more and stretch out their resources!!??

I love this book and I am so happy it is a part of my library. If you are a fan of WWII, the 1940's, or simply want to learn some helpful and useful tips on how to do more with what you have....you must get this book!

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  1. I have this one, it was a gift a few years ago and it's a lovely little book. I have another by Jill Norman too, 'Eating For Victory' :)

  2. I love this book! I'll have to dig it out as I ripped my jeans at the weekend, need to see how I can patch them :(

  3. This is such a charmingly sweet, informative book and important slice of history. An online friend gifted me a (surprise) copy for my birthday and I savoured every last page within hours of it arriving. I've referenced it a few times since for handy tips that still hold up as well today as they did during the challenging war years.

    ♥ Jessica


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