AVN Year in Review: 2016

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Happy New Year to you all! I hope you are all doing well. I know 2016 was a doozy for many people and for people like me who love classic film, it really was a sad state of affairs to lose so many talented folks. But the fun part of a new year starting is the sense of starting over. It's almost like that feeling after you have really cleaned the house and just everything feel sparkly and full of promise.

Like many of you I am slowly beginning to process what my hopes and goals are for the new year. I plan to write them down in my trusty notebook once I have figured it out. I like having a few things to look forward to especially when you know there may be a few bumps in the road as life often sends our way.

I am aware that I haven't been as present here on A Vintage Nerd, not in the way I would have liked. This is what I can promise you. I will blog and share and inform and inspire as much as I am able to. Writing has always been a passion of mine and I want you to know that despite the challenges I face that I will continue to do so. 

I will be continuing my various series that I have on my blog such as; Vintage New York, AVN Book Club, Links to Love,  A Picture Worth A Thousand Words, Cinema Spotlights, Pop Culture Tuesdays, Be Inspired, and more. If you'd like to see a few other things here on A Vintage Nerd  blog all you have to do is ask!

I  also have some exciting things coming up at A Vintage Nerd  for this new year! The first is that I brought back my Facebook page! You can go follow me HERE! I will also be collaborating with bloggers and companies as well. I think its always fun to work with others especially when there is a shared passion like vintage or simply just being creative.

Before I leave you, I'd like to share my favorite blog posts from 2016. Which did you enjoy the best? What are you looking for when you click on someone blog to read? And again, Happy New Year!

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