5 Places To Shop To Create A Vintagey Look

April 30, 2014

Many of us love to dress in vintage clothes, I know I love it! It just feels so good to wear and it compliments a women's figure in ways I personally think modern clothing doesn't. But there are also many who love to add just a dash of vintage into their life without overwhelming their look with the past.

I like to call that style of dressing...Vintagey. Vintagey to me isn't vintage or retro or pinup or anything of that sort. It is simply just adding pieces to your wardrobe or outfit of the day that gives the feeling of being vintage. For example like wearing Peter Pan Collars like I did HERE or wearing a 1950's styled skirt like I did HERE.

Depending on our lifestyles, our work situations, and our budgets, dressing Vintagey can be easily attainable if you know where to look and where to shop. The best part is, is that you can look vintage without literally wearing vintage. It can be subtle like just wearing a vintage styled top or you can wear a pretty vintage inspired dress. I love dresses so I will share with you a few Vintagey dresses that I find just delightful.

Here are a few places where you can score pieces to help you create a Vintagey Look:
Boden has a lot of 1950's/1960's styled dresses, blouses, sweaters, and bottoms. It can be a little pricey but I can say the quality is outstanding and you do get what you pay for. You can also check daily for sales as well as search via Ebay for second hand pieces or even new pieces that are being sold cheaply due to overstock.


eShakti is constantly changing their merchandise from amazing dresses to even more amazing dresses. They also sell tops, skirts, and blazers. They often have a buy two get one free sale and other sales too. They offer a coupon if you sign up to their site as well. The neat thing about eShakti is that you can customize your dress by changed the sleeve or the length. That's pretty neat I think! I love the quality of their products and love even more that their dresses and skirts have pockets!!

Anthropologie you may wonder...does that shop have pieces that give a vintage vibe? I can attest to the fact that it does. Now not everything Anthropologie has is Vintagey but if you search and keep your eyes peeled you will find dresses. tops. cardigans, and accessories that definitely can create a Vintagey Look! If you take a peak at this post HERE I am actually wearing a cropped cardigan top from Anthropologie. I scored it on Ebay for under twenty dollars! The prices of these pieces are a bit steep but I think having a few pieces from this shop can absolutely help you achieve your Vintagey Look! (FYI-1970s styled Maxi dresses are making a comeback this Spring/Summer 2014)

Modcloth has so many goodies from dresses to separates to housewares. I have had a good experience purchasing accessories from them like a few belts but I haven't purchased any dresses yet. They are all so amazing though. It would be hard to choose one!

My final place to shop would have to be Ruche. A lot of their pieces are very whimsical and sort of romantic with lace and sheer materials but they do offer some Vintagey dresses and tops that are well priced. I love looking through their website because everything is so pretty and feminine.

I am sure many of you know of these shops already but these are shops that I have purchased items from personally and can vouch for their quality and service. I will not recommend something unless I think it is worth recommending.

Have you tried blending modern pieces with vintage pieces? Has it worked for you? Do you gravitate towards Vintagey pieces for your everyday look and keep the vintage for extra special occasions?

Must See TV: Endeavour

April 29, 2014
A Vintage Nerd

I sure do appreciate a smart tv series, one that makes you think and better still, one that has you trying to figure out who the murdereer is. Endeavour is show set in the 1960's revolving around the work and life of Inspector Morse before he was the Inspector everyone knew and loved.

Before this show came about there were 33 made for tv films starring the late John Thaw as the brilliant but obviously imperfect detective who worked his way to uncovering the truth of a crime. This particular show is in a way a precursor to the films in which we watch as a younger Detective Constable Morse finding his way to becoming the great detective that we see later on in the films.

It stars Shaun Evans as Endeavour Morse and Roger Allam as Fred Thursday, the Detective Inspector who takes the inexperienced Endeavour under his wings and teaches him what he needs to know to be a better detective.

Netflix has the pilot film available and it runs about an hour and a half. Oh it is sooo brilliant! Even I couldn't figure out who the real murderer was and I loved how Endeavour was able to piece the truth together. It really is a smart series!

Season One is also available on Netflix and I am still devouring that. I really like how all the elements of the truth of the story is show in pieces at the very beginning of an episode but you do not have any idea how they will come together. I get especially surprised because all the pieces at first glance look to have nothing in common with each other. Well, that is when Endeavour steps in and uses his brilliance to pull the pieces together.


Season Two has already aired in the UK and when I finish Season One I will have to dig around for those episodes but I have a suspicion that each episode will be just as fantastic as the previous one.

If you find the beginning of the episode to unfold too slowly, just stick with it because you will not be disappointed on how it all comes together. It is almost like watching a flower bloom.

The Real Philomena Lee

April 28, 2014

I hope you enjoyed my spotlight on the film Philomena and that you are able to watch it one day.

As I promised, I wanted to share with you a bit about the life of the real Philomena Lee. Why? Because sometimes it is good to be reminded on how blessed we are in our lives and also to be reminded that at the end of it all we can still rise above it.

Philomena Lee was an average girl of her time who was without the understanding or foreknowledge about relationships, romance, and sex. Before she knew it she was eighteen and pregnant and disowned by her own family. With nowhere to go she entered into the Sean Ross Abbey where Anthony Lee was born in 1952.

Philomena Lee
 Philomena before she became pregnant with Anthony
Anthony Lee
 Anthony Lee before his adoption-Sean Ross Abbey
Anthony Lee Philomena
 Anthony Lee with one of the nuns at the Abbey

Anthony Lee spent the first three years of his life at the Abbey with his mother, Philomena. She had to work for the Abbey cleaning laundry for four years to pay for her delivery of Anthony. Life at the Abbey was filled with silence and even more Penance for the nuns declared these girls and young women as "fallen". 

She was allowed to see her child for one hour a day and then one day her son was taken away. It was that easy and it happened that quickly. Can you imagine that? The nuns told her he was being placed in a good Catholic family and that is when Philomena's life changed forever.

Anthony Lee Philomena
 Anthony Lee after his adoption 
Anthony Lee Michael Hess

Michael Hess
 Michael Hess, formerly Anthony Lee

Anthony was adopted by an American family and his name changed to Michael Hess. It is said that his adoptive mother was kind and loving but that he never felt close to his father. He did receive a wonderful education and became a lawyer. He was quite successful at it and even worked for both President Reagen and President George Bush (Senior).

Philomena's worst fear was that she would never find her son or that he would never be interested in finding her. I am sure a worry many adoptive children and birth parents have.

She told her husband whom she married in 1959 but afterwards never spoke of Anthony until about 43 years later when she confessed it to her second child, Jane (she also has a second son named Kevin). It was Jane that helped Philomena begin her quest to find the son that was taken from her.

Michael Hess
 Michael Hess visiting the Abbey in search for his birth mother
Philomena Lee with her daughter
 Philomena Lee with her daughter, Jane
Philomena Lee

With the help of Jane and Martin Sixsmith, Philomena was able to find her son Anthony and also find closure. Her journey wasn't easy and the nuns repeatedly told her that they had no information.

Sadly, they also told Anthony that they had no information on his birth mother other than that she abandoned him. By then Anthony was dying from illnesses related to AIDS.

At the end of her journey Philomena found out that her son was a gay man who had a brilliant career, was loved by many, and had tragically died young at the age of 43 in 1995. His partner was able to gift Philomena with knowledge about her son and that he did search for her. His last wish was to be buried at the Sean Ross Abbey in the hopes that his mother would find him. And find him she did.

Philomena's story is bittersweet but at the end of it all she told her story to her family and to the world. And she did the impossible, she forgave the nuns for what they did and for keeping Anthony and Philomena apart by not divulging any information.

Her story hits home for me because I have a three year old son. I look at him and I think, what would my life be like without him in it?

Philomena's story should teach us that we should never feel shame for who we are or shame because of the poor choices we make in life. No ONE is perfect. And Philomena's forgiveness for the life altering wrong these religious women bestowed upon her is a testament to rising above the ugly of this world.

Special Cinema Spotlight: Philomena

April 27, 2014

From the moment I saw the preview to this film I knew I had to see it. Philomena is film about a woman who gave up her child in the 1950's and then many years later began searching for him. But after watching this film I learned it was so much more than that.

The film is loosely based on a book called The Lost Child of Philomena Lee by Martin Sixsmith. The book focuses more on Philomena and her child but the film includes her special connection and relationship with Martin Sixsmith who is played by Steve Coogan.

The actor Steve Coogan actually purchased the rights to the book and co-wrote the screenplay for the film.



Philomena Lee was a young and inexperienced girl from Ireland who had a fling with a man in which she fell pregnant. Her family disowned her and she was sent to Sean Ross Abbey, a convent in order to give birth. Afterwards she was forced to work their laundry for four years to pay back her stay. One day she discovers that her son who was named Anthony Lee, was taken away and given up for adoption.

I was nervous about watching those scenes but oh they filmed and edited them so well. They were created to be flashbacks to the elderly Philomena played by the great Dame Judi Dench. They were done so tastefully and not dragged out or over dramatized. 


Martin Sixsmith (who is a journalist) is going through a shift of his career when he hears about Philomena's story from her daughter. There they both begin a journey that brings them full circle, literally.

Philomena has searched at the convent numerous times searching for her son and Martin helps her continue that search that leads them traveling from Ireland to America.

It is there that we find out the story of Anthony and Philomena has to decided whether or not she should carry the burden of shame, guilt, and anger or learn to forgive herself and possibly the nuns at the convent.

There are a few twists to the tale that I will share more in tomorrow's post when I share with you who the real Philomena Lee is. That post will contain spoilers to this film because I will share with you how her story ends which was included in the film.

After watching this film all I wanted to do is scoop up my three babies and just hold them really tight. Alas, they were already sleeping in their beds when I finished watching it but the next day I sure did hold them tight. Why you may wonder? Because I cannot imagine being pregnant and having my family throw me away, I cannot imagine not having any loving support, and I cannot imagine have my child taken away from me because someone else sees me unfit for whatever reason.

In Philomena's case she was seen as unfit by the nuns at the convent because she had a child out of wedlock and therefore losing her son was seen by them as penance. Yes, you just read that.

Tune in tomorrow if you would like to learn more about Philomena Lee and her story.

Spending The Afternoon at Chiller

April 26, 2014
A Vintage Nerd

Today I spent the rare day out without the kiddies and with my husband, brother, and his partner attending the Chiller Theater Expo. It becoming a yearly tradition for the four of us to get together and attend this fun event. The Chiller Expo is a place where you can meet actors and celebrities of yesteryear and of today. If you are a fan of television and film then this is a must see event.

This Chiller Theater event is my fourth. The first was in 2006 and the second you can read about HERE (in my old blog) and HERE.

What I like about attending this event is that I get a chance to meet tv/film actors from classic tv shows and films that I love and also some from today. I love being able to tell them thank you for what they have done artistically and it is such a pleasure to be able to chat with them.

Before I share with you who I met, I want to share what I wore. I wore a cotton 1950's dress that has little white hearts (they look like dots from afar) all over and a beautiful floral design at the bottom. I paired it up with a cardigan from Old Navy, a 1950's white wicker purse, and a bracelet I purchased in an Antique Mall. I wore my favorite shade of lipstick, Snow Peach (a shade of coral), and painted my nails with OPI's Brazil Collection, a shade called "Where Did Suzi-Man Go?"

Do you like it? I just love cotton dresses! I need to find MORE!!!

This Chiller I really wanted to meet Bob McGrath who played the character of Bob on Sesame Street. If you don't know by now, I am a huge Sesame Street fan. Hello. aren't you too old for this? I know you must be asking in your head, but really as a child who didn't grow up with a lot of money or with cable or trips to Disney, Sesame Street (thank you PBS!) became that special magical place to go to. Plus I learned a lot.

Now my children are fans and well, I want to thank Bob for bringing such joy into my life. He is getting older so I knew I had to take the chance to meet him. I was giddy and felt like a happy five year old. He was wonderful and everything I imagined. I actually feel blessed to have met him.

Bob McGrath

Next on my list was to meet Paul Peterson. You may remember him from The Donna Reed Show but he was also cast as Cary Grant's son in Houseboat. I really wanted to ask him about working with Cary and he was so kind to answer my question. He told me he was friends with him until the end of Cary's life (1986) and that Cary told him one time that he never forgot that he was Archie Leach. That remembering that and not forgetting who he really was kept him grounded. If you didn't know, Cary's real name was Archibald Leach.

Paul Petersen

The last person I took a photo with was Gil Birmingham who is known for playing the role of Billy Black in The Twilight films. Ladies, this man is 60 years old and dare I say dreamy with a capital D. A very handsome man in person.

We met a few others and I almost went to meet Shirley Jones and Priscilla Presley but I didn't feel comfortable with the amount they were charging or the way they presented themselves. We walked around and spoke to a few other folks and my brother got to meet Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead. That line was bonkers and my legs couldn't take it so I did my best and still had a blast.

I have to say I love dressing up when I go to this event. So many of the guests that are there notice and appreciate a lady wearing vintage and I appreciate that as well. I love to show others that a woman can look attractive, beautiful, desirable, and dare I say sexy-without showing everything she has. Grandma raised me well!

If you ever get a chance to attend this event or other events like it, I say do it!

10 Vintage Hair Setting Commandments

April 25, 2014

Yesterday I had the delight to share with you a few pages from my latest beauty find, the Dell Purse Book from 1963. At the end of my post I promised I would share with you today something really neat that contains a lot of helpful hair tips.

These tips are to help you do your best hair setting for your vintage hairstyles or any hairstyle!

Vintage Hair Setting

I hope after reading these tips you will feel your best in setting your hair!

Dell Purse Book from 1963: 75 Hair Styles

April 24, 2014
A Vintage Nerd

I'm so glad so many of you enjoyed my second attempt at a 1960's flip. I found a lot of information and inspiration for a little guidebook that I found on ebay. After reading through the book I also discovered that there are many vintage Dell Purse Books available and if you can ever acquire one I hope you do. They are mini books of oodles of information and compact enough to put into your purse, hence the name. So far I have only seen them from the 1960's to the early 1980's but I love them!

This particular book is from 1963 and included 75 amazing hairstyles. The best part is that the book also gave images of each hairstyle and diagrams on how to set your rollers to achieve that style. Now how neat is that??!!

The first eight or so pages tells you how to care for your hair, what tools you need to achieve the looks, and what makes a great hairdo. Its little things like that I find so charming about vintage magazines, just the abundance of guidance. You can almost sense that those who put together the magazines and guidebooks in the past wanted you to look your best and achieve your best look.

1960's Hair
1960's Hairstyles
Dell Purse Book

The last pages of the book showed how to set you hair and how to put the rollers in your hair. I loved it because it broke it down so simply.

I hope you enjoy some of the pages of my 1963 Dell Purse Book, tomorrow I will share the final and most fantastic tips the book gives. I think you will have a hoot reading through them!

Flipping Out A Little Bit More

April 23, 2014
A Vintage Nerd

At the beginning of this month I attempted to do a 1960's flip. I think it turned out pretty neat and many of you thought I did a good job (thank you!) but I knew I could do better.

Every time I looked at authentic 1960's hairstyles it always seemed like the hair was blow dried. I cannot blow dry my hair like that due to the weakness in my hands and arms so I tried the second best thing which was getting a set of some good ole large rollers.

For my first attempt I used large foam rollers but my hair came out too curly. It didn't look as polished as I had wanted it to look. My second attempt I actually washed my hair the night before, used Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum and tied it up in a ponytail for bedtime. I wanted it to still be somewhat damp in the morning. I just wasn't in the mood to attempt to sleep with those rollers on.

In the morning I wet my hair just a little and set it around 11am and by 4pm it was dry and ready to comb out and style.

This is the diagram I used to set my rollers. It is from a Dell Purse Book from 1963 which I am bonkers about. I will share more from that book in tomorrow's post with you all. I used the diagram on the bottom left.

1960's Flip
1960's Hair Flip

The rollers above are the ones I used. I purchased them from Ebay HERE. I didn't want to purchase something that was pricey in case it didn't work out for me. But alas, it did! I used bobby pins to pin the rollers in and although I did follow the diagram above I actually added two rollers on top to help me get more of the bouffant I am wanting.

Can I tell you how fabulous using the rollers was? It is uncomfortable and very challenging to sleep in but for someone like me who has thick, wavy, and slightly frizzy hair it is AMAZING!

I didn't even have to brush out very much but I did. I teased the top back a bit and put hairspray to help with the bouffant. And then I brushed out my flip....so fantastic! I was in awe on how easy it all came together all because of the use of rollers! I do want to score two things to help out with vintage hairstyles; a curling iron and large hot rollers. I think it is important to be versatile when working with your hair type and time constraints and use whatever you can to help you achieve your wanted look. I am definitely not a vintage hair purist.

Here is the result!

1960's Hair Flip
1960's Hair Flip
1960's Hair Flip

What do you think? I am so excited to see what else I can recreate with my type of hair and I will be sporting this look this weekend at a special event. I look forward to sharing the photos from that day with you when it comes to pass.

Vintage Magazines: Reading Up On 1960's Hairstyles

April 22, 2014
A Vintage Nerd

Yesterday I mentioned about my casual reading in the park. I was reading through a 1960's Hairstyles magazine from August 1965.

I have never fully mastered my hair but I have been practicing more than ever. I think depending on your type of hair, the quality of your hair, the length, the cut, and the time frame you have-figuring out your hair can become a challenging thing to conquer.

I find hairstyles from any ear to be fascinating. I mean minus the 80s and 90s because I did them all minus coloring my hair but primarily pre-1969. It is just so interesting how women took so much time out of their day to get their hair done in the era specific style that was popular at the time. But I have noticed that after you do figure out your hair challenges and find remedies for them (ie setting lotions, creams, serums, etc) and you put in the practice-even the most complicated hairstyle can be done with ease.

Here is a bit of what was inside this great issue of 1960's hairstyles:

Vintage Ads
1960's Hairstyles
1960's Hairstyles
1960's Hairstyles

The photo above is a sample of how a teen girl could do her hair. Sweet, simple, and cute I think. The photo below is my favorite-it show's how to do a proper brushout after you have taken the rollers out of your hair. I find for any set that you do, the way you brush it out really makes a difference because it is in the brushing out that you mold and create your look.

I really do enjoy vintage magazines. They are just oodles of fun to read through and you just learn so much about day to day living during the decades past.

Do you enjoy vintage magazines? What do you like or dislike about them?

Casual Reading at The Park

April 21, 2014

One of the many wonderful things that happens when spring finally does arrive is the chance to do some activities outdoors. You can take a nice stroll, a long drive around the neighborhood with the windows down, or hang out at the park and get some light reading done.

A few days ago I woke up in a 1940's kind of mood. Who says anyone has to stick to one decade? I love it all and wanted to get back to the decade closest to my heart.

I wore a pair of trusty Freddies of Pinewood  jeans and paired it with a top from Anthropologie. I added one of my WWII brooches, a pair of navy blue bow stud earrings purchased HERE, and a pair of 1950's sunglasses I purchased at the Manhattan Vintage Show a few months ago and it's all done. Oh yes, I cannot forget about wearing my Russian Red Lipstick by MAC.

Channeling the 1940's has never been so easy. You can do it!

Vintage Reading
Vintage Blogger

I scored this amazing 1960's magazine dedicated to hairstyles and I love it to bits!

Tune into tomorrow when I share the fabulous insides to this magazine and you can see all the inspirational and creative hairstyles up close.

Hippity Hop It's Easter Day!

April 20, 2014

Happy Easter and Happy Sunday to you all! I hope you all have rested and enjoyed your weekend. It has been crazy busy at the vintage nerd household. Today was jammed packed with lots of Easter activities. The kiddies had a visit from their grandparents, received Easter baskets and went on our 4th annual egg hunt which takes place inside our home. This year the kids asked if we could do it in their bedroom and our bedroom so mama complied of course. They went bonkers searching for eggs, it was such a whoot hearing them and watching them. 

After all the egg hunting was completed we walked over to our local park/playground and the children enjoyed the slides and being with their grandpa (my dad). We ending our day with my husband's mother's family who live nearby and I held my one month old nephew a bit and the children had a chance to play with their other cousin who is my daughter's age. Let's just say the kids are sleeping very well tonight! 

Vintage Easter
1940s Dress
Vintage Blogger
Vintage Blogger
Vintage Easter

I wore my 1940's pink dress that I wore for my Revlon Legacy Lipstick post HERE. I paired it with a modern cardigan from Maurices, simple pearl stud earrings, some of my Moonglow bracelets, and a brooch from the 1930's with Mary on it. I thought it would be fitting for the day.

It was a busy day indeed but the fact that we were together and that the children were so happy has made me equally happy. It is the little things that count and you don't have to do anything fancy or expensive to make your day special and fun. Today was proof of that.

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