Special Cinema Spotlight: Unbroken

December 01, 2015 0
Unbroken is one of those films that you know is going to be intense because it is set during a tragic or stressful time in history. But ...

November Links To Love

November 30, 2015 1
To my surprise I have actually been looking forward to the winter months. I never do and I have no idea why I am now, but I think cha...

A Lovely Afternoon At The Manhattan Vintage Show

November 15, 2015 2
Last month I attended the Manhattan Vintage Show for the third time. This time I did something a little different. The night before I ...

Fascinating Upcoming Period Films

November 11, 2015 4
Period films are my next favorite type of film next to classic films. I love seeing how modern film directors interpret other eras. I e...

My Evolving Everyday Vintagey Look

November 09, 2015 8
Everything evolves, especially fashion. So many of us love vintage because  modern fashions have evolved in a way may not always suit our...

Looking Back At Spooky Posts on AVN

October 21, 2015 1
Looking back is a good thing to do once in a while. Sometimes we forget things we saw or learned or did and looking back gives us a chanc...

6 Things You Can Learn From Watching Audrey Hepburn Films

October 19, 2015 6
Movies can without a doubt bring us into the land of make believe but I find that you can learn things from the characters that peopl...

Classic Cinema Spotlight: I Married A Witch

October 12, 2015 2
Classic Spooky films are just the best. They are entertaining without being completely gross and in your face. One film I watched recentl...

Lana Lobell Fashions of the 1950's-1960's

October 06, 2015 9
The Lana Lobell catalog was first launched in 1950 by a dress store owner by the name of Boris Leavitt. He named it after his daughter ...

September Links To Love

October 02, 2015 1
Why am I posting my September links when it just turned to October? Unfortunately my computer needs some tlc from the computer repair...


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