Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Looking Back At Spooky Posts on AVN

Halloween Vintage

Looking back is a good thing to do once in a while. Sometimes we forget things we saw or learned or did and looking back gives us a chance to take a peak at what was. I have been blogging for almost five years and I often forget to look back at old posts. Not just for my blog but for others as well. And not just to see how far I have come (or others) but to discover or rediscover some good reads.

So let's look back at some spooky past posts from AVN (A Vintage Nerd). I hope you enjoy them!

Joan Fontaine

Ghost Story

For an added treat, here are some Halloween posts from my former blog Bunny's Victory:

Any favorites from this list? Do you also forget to look back and admire the work you (or others) have done?

Monday, October 19, 2015

6 Things You Can Learn From Watching Audrey Hepburn Films

Audrey Hepburn

Movies can without a doubt bring us into the land of make believe but I find that you can learn things from the characters that people play. Audrey Hepburn acted in some wonderful films where her characters were inspiring, funny, complex, and ambitious.

Here are 6 things that I think you can learn from watching Audrey Hepburn films:

Do something you have never done before and have fun with it! Roman Holiday (1953)
Audrey Hepburn

Bagels, New York, little black dresses, and Tiffany's. These are all very, very good things. If you can combine them all into one day then it would be a good day indeed. Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)
Audrey Hepburn

Paris can do wonders for a girl. Sabrina (1954)

Kissing Cary Grant. Yes. Please. He was much older than Audrey in Charade (1963). So lesson learned. its perfectly fine to be kissed by a dashing older man especially if he looks like Cary Grant. Seriously.

This is how you make an entrance. Bold colors, elegance, and with grace. Funny Face (1957)
Audrey Hepburn

This is a film photo from My Fair Lady (1964). When Audrey's character Eliza makes an entrance in that dress she showed us that if you dress the part, act the part, and believe in the part then everyone around you will believe in it too.
My Fair Lady

What you learned from watching Audrey Hepburn's films? Which of her films do you find the most inspiring, moving, or entertaining?

Monday, October 12, 2015

Classic Cinema Spotlight: I Married A Witch

I Married A Witch

Classic Spooky films are just the best. They are entertaining without being completely gross and in your face. One film I watched recently was I Married A Witch (1942) starring Veronica Lake and Fredric March.

It's not fast paced and it takes its time to tell the story well. Add a dash of comedy, a sprinkle of romance, and let's not forget a measure of magic and you have yourself one charming film to watch.

It begins in colonel Salem where we find a pair of witches, a father (Cecil Kellaway) and his daughter (Lake) being burned at the stake. As they are dying they curse the the Purtian who judged them and that all of his male descendants would marry horrible women. Many years later Jennifer and Daniel (the formerly dead witches) manifest themselves in order to torture the latest descendant of the Wooley family.

Things go awry when Jennifer realizes that she has fallen head over heals for her sworn enemy.

I Married A Witch
Veronica Lake
I Married A Witch
I Married A Witch

This is a darling film. It's quirky and cute all the while you're rooting for a vengeful witch to win the heart of her enemy.

Have you seen this film? If so, what did you think about it? What are your favorite spooky classic films?

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Lana Lobell Fashions of the 1950's-1960's

A Vintage Nerd

The Lana Lobell catalog was first launched in 1950 by a dress store owner by the name of Boris Leavitt. He named it after his daughter and sent them out via his shop.

When I first came across the Lana Lobell catalog my jaw dropped. I never thought I would find one source that epitimized everything I loved about fashion. The clothes are pretty and feminine, as well as wearable and dare I say comfy looking?

I have been wanting to share my love for the Lana Lobell catalogs with you all for a while, so here are some of the beautiful items that were sold via catalog.
Lana Lobell
Lana Lobell

Aren't they all to die for? I want everything in a size 12 please! Have you seen the Lana Lobell catalog before?

If you would like to see more of Lana Lobell's super cute fashions you can check out these links:

Lana Lobell Fashion on Pinterest 

Lana Lobell Fashions on Facebook

Lana Lobell: Reminisce Catalog

Friday, October 2, 2015

September Links To Love

A Vintage Nerd

Why am I posting my September links when it just turned to October? Unfortunately my computer needs some tlc from the computer repair man so its been tricky trying to blog. It's the reason why A Vintage Nerd has been so quiet lately. I hope to rectify all of that soon but at least I can still post via my phone.

So here are my vintagey link finds for September. Hope you enjoy them!

Peter O'Toole

Pride & Predjuice

I love the 90's version of Pride and Prejudice, don't you? Oh that Mr. Darcy! What articles did you read last month that you enjoyed?

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