Sunday, October 2, 2016

A Vintage Nerd is a Contributor to Vintage Life Magazine!!

Vintage Life Magazine

I just wanted to share some incredible news and now that I see the cover I feel like its finally real! I am now a monthly contributor to Vintage Life Magazine!!! As some of you know I have been published in their magazine before but now you can get a little dash of vintage nerdiness every month in magazine form.

A Vintage Nerd blog will continue running as usual despite my writing responsibilities with Vintage Life Magazine. So don't fret! There is a lot more vintage nerdiness on it way!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

School Girl Fashions

School Girl Fashions

Today I strapped on new book bags on my children and placed them with their new teachers and had to walk away and say goodbye. Time passes and it doesn't get any easier. The school year is filled with lots of homework, waking up early, and ironing uniforms. Its bittersweet because every time you drop them off another year has passed.

The fun parts of a new school year are the newness of all the clothes and school supplies, the crispy breeze through your hair, the brown crunchy leaves at your feet, and the ability to finally wear your cardigans.

I went to Catholic school my whole life and my children attend Catholic school so uniforms and plaid go hand in hand when the school year begins. It got me to thinking about what kids wore years before and what my research showed me was the kids have been rocking peter pan collars, cardigans, and plaid for decades. Frankly, I love it. I think you will too.

Do school girl fashions make you giddy for marble notebooks and freshly sharpened pencils? There's something fresh about the beginning of a school year. I spent so many years in school that after a while September felt more like the start of a new year than New Year's itself. 

I also find uniforms and back to school fashions a precursor to the fall and in my book that's a great thing. I personally wish the fall lasted all year round than just the two months that we have it here in New York.

Do you like school girl fashions? If so, what is it that you like about it? If not, what don't you like about it?

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pop Culture Tuesdays: Degrassi


While other kids grew up with cable television I was lucky to grow up with PBS, which stands for Public Broadcasting System. It was free and it came with standard channels. In Manhattan where I was born and spent my childhood, that channel was channel 13. There I experienced television shows like Reading Rainbow, Sesame Street, 3-2-1 Contact, Doctor Who, The Voyage of the Mimi, and another show called Degrassi Junior High.

Degrassi is known today by its revival with the series of the Next Generation but it all began in 1979. A production company called Playing With Time Inc. decided to create a show that would follow the lives of kids and address challenging topics such as death, drug abuse, and teen pregnancy.

The first show was The Kids of Degrassi Street (1979) and although many of the actors that were on this series turned up in Degrassi Junior High (1987-1989) and Degrassi High (1989-1991) they were not the same characters so it is not considered a precursor to the later shows.

What blew me away as preteen and teenager was for the first time being exposed to teen pregnancy. Most of us who watched Degrassi back in the 80's will never forget Spike and the moment she found out she was pregnant. I think Spike's character became pregnant at only 13 years old (by 14 she had Emma) so it was shocking.  But the way they handled her story line you couldn't help but learn a thing or two. It was powerful.

There were other story lines that can easily be applied to today which makes Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High so timeless. They address issues on sexual confusion, parental abuse and alcoholism, the effects of taking drugs, cancer, suicide, molestation, cheating, lying, young love, insecurities, and all sorts of peer pressures.

I learned so darn much from those episodes as a kid that I decided to take a look back and refresh my memory on them. I can tell you that it felt like I was walking through memory lane. There was a rawness and simplicity about the 70's and 80's that was gone once the 90's came and I miss often.

Degrassi is something special. I watching a few episodes of the latest two reincarnations (Next Generation and New Class) of the show and although it is too much like a soap opera for my taste I appreciate that the writers and producers are still addressing real problems among teens today.

I own all the cds to Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High (including their movie School's Out) and I will definitely  let my children view them when they are older. I think the best part of the show (aside from The Zit Remedy) is that watching it can open up a dialogue with your child. And frankly I think that is just incredibly awesome.

Degrassi Junior High
Degrassi Junior High
Zit Remedy

I am a sucker for cheese and not just the kind that comes from cows. I love the uber cheesiness of the 80's and Degrassi delivers. Better still it will teach you a little something about others and give you the appreciation in knowing that the teen angst years are far, far behind you.

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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Five Years of Favorites

Vintage Blogger

I thought since this summer marked my 5th anniversary as a blogger that I would share with you some of my favorites posts. You will notice that I started out on Bunny's Victory which is still available to look through but that here at A Vintage Nerd is where I found my footing as a blogger.

Looking back at old posts made me feel so good and proud to see how far I have come in my writing, my content, my photography, and just being a blogger/vintage girl in general. I can see where I made mistakes which led to seeing where I could make things better and I can't help but feel excited about the prospect of becoming an even better blogger. Not only do I want to bring higher quality content but I want to keep progressing and evolving.

I started out on July 12th, 2011 and here I am still today. For those of who find themselves struggling to do the things they love or find the journey harder than it seems for others, I am here to tell you that the slow route may be tougher but the rewards are so much sweeter.

Enjoy peeking through some oldies but goodies and let me know which of them you enjoyed looking back on!


Jazz Age Lawn Party




Vintage Life Magazine

Zuzu Petals


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Be Inspired: Trouble with Templeton

The Twilight Zone

I try and find inspiration everywhere. As a kid I watched a lot of t.v. I can say honestly 60% were shows created before I was born and the rest were a part of my generation. One of these shows was The Twilight Zone. Rod Serling was the creator and mad genius behind most of the stories that were turned into this episodic magic on that was on boob tube.

I recently watched the episode Trouble with Templeton again and found myself inspired. I wanted to share that inspiration with you.

Have you had moments where you find yourself over analyzing your life? Looking into your past and wondering about the what-ifs? Remembering days gone by and wishing you could relive them?

A man by the name of Booth Templeton who happened to be aging and unhappily married to a younger to a wife, finds himself constantly thinking about his past. He thinks about his younger years and his time being in love with his first wife Laura.

With heavy feet he drags himself to the theater to prepare himself for his next role but finds himself insecure and unsure about what he is doing. When he abruptly leaves the theater he finds that is not in 1960 anymore but rather its 1927. He was a big star then and he finds his wife Laura and his best friend Barney are alive and waiting for him at a local speakeasy. Booth is bewildered by everything but even more so at how flippant both Laura and Barney seem to him because it is so out of character to the way they he remembered them. They both take turns dismissing Booth and overwhelmed by all of this he runs out of the club only to find he was holding a script that he took from Laura.

In the script was every word that was spoken to him in the speakeasy along with the title, "What To Do When Booth Comes Back". Booth realizes that Laura and Barney wanted Booth to ride out the rest of his life with joy and energy and passion. They wanted him to live.
Trouble with Templeton
Trouble with Templeton
Trouble with Templeton
Trouble with Templeton
Trouble with Templeton
Trouble with Templeton
Trouble with Templeton

Going through the journey with Booth you watch a man feeling defeated by the present and living in the past only to understand that those who loved us before and are no longer with his would never want us to dwell on what was but to find peace and joy in what is.

When we are in a slump, when we feel defeated, when we feel to tired to keep it going--we can remember Booth Templeton. If all we do is dwell on what ifs, we will never find pleasure and happiness in our present moments.

I think we could all use that reminder from time to time. Thank you Mr. Serling or rather Mr. Booth Templeton.

"Mr. Booth Templeton, who shares with most human beings the hunger to recapture the past moments, the ones that soften with the years. But in his case, the characters of his past blocked him out and sent him back to his own time, which is where we find him now. Mr. Booth Templeton, who has a round-trip ticket into the Twilight Zone."

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pop Culture Tuesdays: Happy Anniversary Labyrinth!


This film was made of pre-adolescent daydreams, some fairy dust, and a dash of rock godliness. That's what happens when you bring Jim Henson together with David Bowie. Dance magic, dance.

And that is how I felt when I first watched this film so many years ago. I felt like magic was dancing on the television screen. It may seem silly to some because muppets were involved but to me it was just  normal. I grew up with the magic of Jim Henson my entire life, first with Sesame Street and then with The Muppet Show.

Jim Henson really was made of some special stuff. He ignited the imaginations of children all over the world but it didn't stop with them. With Labyrinth the imagination of teens everywhere were ignited as well. The best part is that even adults can still enjoy the workings of a muppet singing and dancing and just being themselves. You can really get lost in the idea that they are real.

The story is simple. A young girl feeling lonely and tossed aside by her fathers new wife and child throws herself into the world of make believe. One fatal wish thrusts her brother into the hands of a Goblin king (Bowie) and Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) finds that she must grow up a little in order to save her brother.


Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, she finds her way out of the Goblin City with her baby brother in tow and a few new friends she made along the way.

For those of you who remember this film and want to enjoy it again in a special way, this year marks the 30th Anniversary of its release. Fathom Events is screening it nationwide here in the States in September and special Anniversary comic books are being released as well. I have the original comic that if you would like me to share one day, I'd be happy to.

I found a heap of great links for you Labyrinth die-hard fans that I hope you will enjoy. And don't forget, that you remind me of the babe. What babe? The babe with the power. What power? The power of vooodoo. Who do? You do? Do what? Remind me of the babe.

A Vintage Nerd Supplementary Reading:

Return to Labyrinth (Manga Books)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Special Cinema Spotlight: Documentary: Love, Marilyn

Love Marilyn

I confess I have had this documentary on my queue for a long while. I kept debating watching it because I have read so many books on Marilyn that I felt like there is nothing new for me to learn. I was wrong.

This 2012 documentary was based on the book Fragments: Poems, Intimate Notes, Letters which is a collection of MM's own personal thoughts and feelings. MM shared her most private inner reflections and wrote them in notebooks and various pieces of paper,

Love, Marilyn is a unique documentary by which a group of celebrities are reading MM's passages while photos and footage of MM are paired with it. Honestly, the reading of MM's writings took me a while to get used to. Some people were annoying to listen to but there were others seemed really invested and you can get a sense that they admired MM a great deal. I think the best part for me was hearing her words being spoken aloud and all the footage that went along with it. There were moments where I felt as though I were hearing MM saying the words herself.

The documentary felt like a love letter to Marilyn. It felt like and ode to her and who she really was and who she was trying to be.

Marilyn Monroe
Love Marilyn Documentary
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe

She was an ordinary girl who felt like she deserved an extraordinary life. Her passions were acting and discovering who she was. There is no denying that she used her body to play the Hollywood game and to get ahead in the industry but there is also no denying that she wanted to be more than just that. She delved into herself over and over again and everyday she continued to try to really learn who she was. One can really admire a person who strives to be better.

Her physical beauty usually blinds most people into just focusing on her body, her sexual exploits, her roles as sex pots rather taking the time to notice that there was so much more behind that smile than she let on.

When I was 15 my uncle asking me why I liked MM so much, I told him that to me she was this innocent and vulnerable person who struggled to keep all the parts of herself balanced. He was surprised to hear that because of course he focused on her beauty and her scandals.

After watching this documentary and hearing her own written words being spoken out loud I felt proud that I always tried to look deeper and beyond the dazzle of the movie star that she undoubtedly was. I think everyone deserves that. To have someone look behind the glitter and the glam of what one projects.

I walked away from this documentary enlightened and simply wowed. I really hope that you decide to give it a go. Don't wait as long as I did. I am so glad I finally decided to watch it. It was incredibly moving and insightful.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Lovely Five Years as a Blogger

A Vintage Nerd

I want to apologize to you, my dear readers. I planned on giving you all a few posts a week but alas between a wonky wi-fi connector and a slight illness I have I seem to not have been able to write the way I wanted to. Frankly, the way I need to.

But thankfully I am here now. I want to share with you that just a few days ago on July 12th, I celebrated five years as a vintage blogger!This is a huge milestone for any blogger. Although it has been a struggle to keep creative and maintain my blog, I love it so much that it has become like another child to me.

Being a mother and balancing home life with the challenges with my disability has tough. I won't sugar coat it. Its overwhelming more than it isn't but being able to be creative with my writing, to learn more about the vintage world, and to immerse myself into this wonderful community we are all a part of has been worth it.

I started out humbly on another blog which I later renamed Bunny's Victory. And now I am here at A Vintage Nerd blog and this is exactly where I was always meant to be. Although I have learned so much in the past five years, there is still so much to learn. And as much as I love where I am as a blogger, I know there is still so much more out there waiting for me to explore and learn about. I cannot help but feel excited and thrilled about these five years and about the years of blogging to come!

Being a blogger has meant more to me than I ever imagined it could. I never knew in the midst of everyday life how important and vital it has become for me to write, publish, and learn. Most importantly it has allowed me to step outside my mommyzone and try things I would have never thought of trying before. Being a blogger has reminded me how important it is to take care of yourself, how important it is to try new things, to not be afraid of making your dreams come true or daring to dream of things you never would have thought of dreaming of before.

I have met some incredible people, forged special friendships, traveled, done photo shoots, and became a published writer (nonblog) just to name a few. Typically people celebrate their blogs milestones with something spectacular. I wasn't able to blow up balloons or throw confetti in the air but I did dress up recently and I thought I'd like to share it with you.

If you have been with me from the beginning you know how much I have grown in my style and hopefully watched me grow a bit more confidante as well. Many of us worry about what others will think or say when we dress in our vintage best. I am hear to tell you that there is nothing better than owning who you are and embracing your own personal style.

Kate Spade
Vintage Girl
Erswilder Brooch
Kate Spade Lovely Hat

I hope you stick around A Vintage Nerd blog a little longer because there are some amazing things that are going to be happening here in the near future. I want to thank all of you for sticking by me through thick and thin and for always believing in me. I wouldn't be able to do what I love to do without all of you. Thank you!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

June Links To Love

I love discovering old scandalous or historic news stories. This month I found a few that really peaked my interest like the one about the Coney Island babies or the one about the woman who hide her lover in her attic away from her husband for years. My jaw kind of dropped after reading that one. I researched a little more after I read that article because the story just seems too unbelievable but its real. Let me know what you think after you read it. 

Have you read any interesting or fun articles lately? What do you think about the links I shared for this month? Any favorites?
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