Vintage America with Ginger

May 31, 2014

Goodness, when I came across the video you are about to see posted below I knew that I had to share with you this treasure. Vintage America with Ginger is a pilot show that is spearheaded by Ginger Pauley, a vintage lovin gal just like you and I.

When (not if) this show gets picked up and on air, I really look forward to the world seeing all the neat things America has to offer when it comes to vintage. I know we are a young country but we do have a great deal to offer the vintage community. We had (and have) drive ins, diners, speakeasys, hamburgers and french fries, Jazz age, Harlem, and really so much more. New York alone has oodles of places to visit that were built prior to 1969, in which I plan to showcase more in my Vintage New York series here on A Vintage Nerd blog.

Ginger is super kind and sweet and if you say hello she will say hello back. She is really down-to-earth talented woman who willing to take on the challenge of showcasing America in all its vintage glory!

I cannot say how excited I am about this and when you can, stop by one of Ginger's social media networks and show your support because this will be one super fabulous show!!

Take a peak at the pilot episode that I included below and tell me what you think!

Get to know more about Ginger Pauley by checking out her social networks sites:


Endeavour: Season Two Coming To PBS Soon!

May 30, 2014

Great news for my American readers! Endeavour is coming to PBS! And ladies and gents, PBS includes free links on their webpage. So, you can finally catch Season 2 of Endeavour and see all the fantastic adventures he goes on trying to nab the bad guys.

Just click on and then click at the top category where it says video and you are done! Well, if you do not see the episode, just the either type it in the search box or go to the category that says programs.

Season 2 of Endeavour will be available on Sunday, June 29th at 9pm. Check your local PBS listings as well. Be aware that the episodes do not stay on the PBS site for too long so keep your eyes peeled!

I am so backed up on my UK period shows. I still have to watch Season 2 of The Bletchley Circle, Season 2 of The Young Doctor's Notebook, Season 2 of Endeavour, and Season 2 of The Paradise. I am just finishing up the last Season of Land Girls and cannot wait to spotlight it.

Are you excited about seeing more Endeavour? I know I am! Putting the date on my calendar NOW!

Bunny Yeager: The First Pinup Model

May 29, 2014

2014 has been a doozy of a year. We have lost so many classic film actors, actresses, comediennes, and this month we lost an icon of the Pinup Girl movement.

Bunny Yeager was THE Pinup photographer of the 1950's and 1960's. She worked closely with Bettie Page and was her main photographer in 1954. But before Bunny was a Pinup photographer she was a successful model.

Born Linnea Eleanor Yeager in 1929 and as a young women became one of the most photographed models in Miami, Florida. Tired of being harassed by male photographers she decided to take her hand at photography herself.

Her first subject, herself of course. I am fascinated by her self-portraits because well, frankly...Bunny was a babe!

A book that I am itching to get my hands on by Bunny herself is called, How To Photograph Myself which is of course almost impossible to find and quite costly. Imagine how much fantastic information and tips she had in posing your figure to make it look its best. Swoon! I really want that book!

I did find some beautiful photos of Bunny and her self-portraits. See for yourself on why I consider Bunny Yeager to be the first real Pinup. She may not have been famous for it but by golly she made it look effortless, was an absolute beauty, and used her knowledge of posing and what looked beautiful on a woman on her subjects. Pure artistic genius.

Bunny Yeager
Bunny Yeager
Bunny Yeager
Bunny Yeager
Bunny Yeager

Want to learn more about Bunny Yeager? Here are a few great articles and sites that you might enjoy:

Bunny Yeager Stuffed A Wild Bikini With Light

Classic Cinema Spotlight: Woman Times Seven

May 28, 2014

Over the weekend my husband and I watched Woman Times Seven (1967) with Shirley MacLaine and Peter Sellers. Very interesting film. I have to start by saying we didn't expect it to me a MacLaine film since it was billed as a Peter Sellers film. We were surprised and disappointed when Sellers just had 10 minutes of screen time on the film. We are big Sellers fans and we are trying to watch all the films he was in so I guess this counts as one of them.

I did say this was an interesting film, right? In includes seven separate stories concerning the topic of adultery. But that isn't what is fascinating. What is fascinating are the seven individually styled and acted performances MacLaine gave for each story.

I shared a photo of each story on this post and forgive me that the quality of the photos isn't fantastic. Sadly, they were hard to find but I wanted to give you a feel of each tale.

The first tale includes Peter Sellers and works as a sort of introduction to the six others stories shared afterwards. This is the shortest story and it  a widow who while walking in her husbands funeral procession gets an offer to run away with the doctor (Sellers). She gets this offer while walking behind her husbands coffin. Gasp! The second is about a housewife who finds her husband in bed with her best friend and then vows to sleep with the first man she finds on the street. Enter a hoard of prostitutes and well, does she take revenge on her husband or not?

The third tale includes an Italian, a Scotsman, and a ethereal woman who reads T.S. Elliot in the nude. Yes, you have to see this to wrap it believe it. The fourth was one of my favorites and invovled a woman who was married to a writer who seemed to be more attracted to his fictional character of Simone than he was to her. Imagine his surprise when his wife begins to take on various characteristics of Simone to win him back. The fourth may have been my least favorite but it was a bit funny. The main character has a dress designed for her but finds out her arch nemesis is wearing it too. This one really didn't have an adultery in it, come to think of it. Oh well.

The finals stories included a pair of lovers who were contemplating suicide since they couldn't get divorces and a woman who is being followed by Michael Caine. I found the last story the most bittersweet. Just by the look of the characters face, it made you wonder what else lied behind those eyes of hers.

Peter Sellers
Woman Times Seven
Woman Times Seven
Woman Times Seven
Woman Times Seven
Woman Times Seven
Woman Times Seven

This film is screaming 1960's and was heavily influenced by the European view of adultery. I found it fun, quirky, sad, clever, funny, and all around trip. I really enjoyed it. I think I need to find more films starring Shirley MacLaine. Do you recommend any?

June Issue 43 of Vintage Life Magazine is Out Now!

May 27, 2014
Vintage Life Magazine

I recently shared a review of the uber fabulous Vintage Life Magazine and I am so happy to know so many of you enjoy this magazine as much as I do!

June's issue with Imelda May on the cover is out now! If you would like to order your own copy you can  HERE.

Being Grateful on Memorial Day

May 26, 2014

Today in America, we remember all those who fought bravely and served their time in the military. I cannot imagine having to shoot a gun at someone or throw a bomb into a building all for the sake of war. I always believed that it takes a special type of person to face that sort of adversity and violence for the sake of peace. I am forever grateful to them all, then and now, for doing the impossible and doing it well.

Photo: Taken by PJ Sherman of Brittany (Va-Voom Vintage) and I during my first visit to MO in 2012. We visited a large military cemetery. It was both beautiful and haunting and I am so grateful I had the chance to pay my respects.

My Letter To Makeup

May 25, 2014
A Vintage Nerd

Dear Makeup,

I need to clarify some important things to you. You are here for me. I am NOT here for you. You were created to enchance my already beautiful face, not to convince me that I wasn't beautiful before you were put on. I love fantasy films like Labyrinth and Legend but I do not buy into the fantasy of a reflection of someone that is not ME.

I am beautiful before you touch my face. Why? How do I know that? Because I do. Because I say I am. Because I see the things inside of me that shine brighter than any lipgloss.

My disability taught me something eons ago. My body does NOT define me. I am not defined by the size of my breasts, my height, or my derriere that is by far more bootylicious than Jo-Lo's.

The plastic on my legs do not define me. They enable me to walk better and stronger than I would without them on. Did you know my calves are atrophied? That means that no muscle can develop there and therefore they are skinnier than the rest of my legs. But who cares. I have legs right now don't I? And as much as it can hurt, I can walk still, right?

Why am I telling you all this? Because you don't make me beautiful. You help me cover up those dark circles from lack of sleep, help make my skin glow a little brighter, and make my already fabulous full lips sparkle just a little bit more.

My husband thinks I am beautiful without you. Actually he prefers if I don't wear any makeup or lipstick at all. Good man I have. He sees what I see. That I am already beautiful. My children think I am a supermodel. This kiss my post-babies belly and love all the bumps and curves that motherhood has given me. My daughter says she hopes to look like me one day-big boobies and big butt-those are her words, not mine.

I like having you in my life. Three years ago I would have never thought I would use you as much as I do (once every week or so). I am glad I began my relationship with you as a mature woman rather than a young woman. I think I can appreciate the help you can give.

But helping me doesn't mean that you change me or make me into something I am not.

Let's be clear on this. I was beautiful before we met and I will remain beautiful long after we part.

Now where the heck did I put my cherry chapstick!??

Yours Truly,


Swinging My 1960's Self To BeautyCon

May 24, 2014

Today I attended the first ever BeautyCon event in New York. I have been waiting months to delves myself into the world of beauty products at this convention but before I share with you the pros and cons of my experience, let me share what I wore.

I am in a constant search for 1950's and early 1960's dresses. I was so happy to find this one because I have been yearning for a black and white look for ages. I purchased this amazing dress from 1919vintage. Isn't it so pretty!!?

I then paired my dress with an Old Navy cardigan and this fabulous white bow sweater clip from sweetandlovely. I also wore my trusty vintage bracelet and white wicker handbag that I purchased on my last trip to Missouri. And sported my 1960's flip with an authentic 1960's hairband. My first time all decked out 60's style!
Vintage Accessories
Sweater Clip

Now to the Pros and Cons of BeautyCon:


  • I met a few wonderful people just by sitting at a table and having lunch outside. A few of them were vloggers and they were so lovely. You can see their channels HERE and HERE.
  • One vlogger in particular reminded me how wonderful it is to have a nice conversation with someone and also reminded me how much I miss being in Europe. She is a fantastic beauty vlogger originally from Italy named Nicole and her channel is called KissandMakeup01
  • There was a food trunk that sold gourmet ice cream and it was beyond divine-butterscotch cookie with sea salt caramel ice cream-swoon!
  • The event was family friendly so a busy mom could go with her stroller and still attend the event comfortably.
  • It was also kid friendly! There were bounce houses, cotton candy, and cute tattoos. Now I think all of that was for the adults but still, my daughter had the time of her life.
  • Revlon and Maybelline gave away great samples.
  • There were phone charging stations.
  • What little makeup there was being sold was being sold half price.
  • The DJ played great music!
  • There were no pamphlets or maps to let you know where anything is unless you owned a I-phone you could not upload the app for the map. Not everyone has or can afford a $600 dollar phone.
  • Many people who had booths were very rude and borderline disrespectful.
  • There were no mirrors to see yourself when trying on items.
  • There were massive lines for everything.
  • General Admission offers almost nothing and the pricer VIP or Pro tickets offered just a dash more. 
  • People were able to go in and out of the event even though their website stated that you could not come back in if you leave.
  • No one seemed to be able to know anything or have any information to help out.
  • There were barely any makeup booths. Not enough viable companies were represented. I didn't even purchase anything. There was nothing to buy!
It was the first time the event has been in NY so I know that it can get better and better. I am definitely happy I went to Beautycon. Three years ago when I began my vintage lifestyle journey I never would have thought of me going to a beauty convention. I am glad I tried something new and the experience opened my eyes to a few important things. One of them I will share with you in tomorrow's post and I hope you will tune in to read it. You will see a cheekier side of me for sure!

If you would like to see all the shenanigans I was up to at Beautycon today, swing by my Instagram and check it out!!

Two of The Best Classic Film Magazine's Around

May 23, 2014

For those of you who are classic film cinephiles, here are two thoroughly fantastic classic film magazines that can have you swooning over the likes of Joan Fontaine, Ralph Bellamy, Deanna Durbin, and others for hours on end.

Films of the Golden Age comes out quarterly and filled to the rim with interviews, reviews, inside stories, and spotlights on actors just to name a few. The cover is in color but the pages inside are black and white and I find that fitting since most of the films are indeed in black and white. The magazine is beautifully compiled and also includes information on classic film events as well as sources for finding hard to find and rare classic films on dvd.

Films of the Golden Age is actually TCM's Robert Osborne's favorite magazine. Coming from an gifted classic film historian such as himself, I think it speaks volumes on how good the magazine is. I find the service when I subscribed to be lovely and I actually spoke to someone on the phone which these days is a rarity.

I feel as though this particular magazine is the go-to guide for learning more about classic film and also a place where a classic film cinephile can go to and relish in the wonders of Old Hollywood.

Films of the Golden Age
Classic Film Magazine
Deanna Durbin
Classic Films
Classic Images
Joan Fontaine
Classic Film

The second magazine is almost like a newspaper that measures about 12 x 12 and again, filled with outstanding articles and pictorials of classic film stars. Classic Images is a monthly newspaper that Films of the Golden Age grew from so to speak. Many leading film historian's published their first articles including Leonard Maltin. It was founded in 1962 and the neat thing is that all of their issues have been preserved on microfilm so anyone can look them up and study them.

The latest issue spotlighted Joan Fontaine and I was dazzled seeing all of the photos from her film career. It's so nice to be able to flip through pages and pages of classic films photos and information.

I almost feel like a wide eyed child going through the pages of both of these publications because I am learning at every turn and in awe of everything I see. If you love classic film, I suggest you give these two publications a try and see if you aren't in classic film heaven after you receive your copy!

Classic Cinema Spotlight: The Lady Vanishes

May 22, 2014
When I came across The Lady Vanishes (1938) I kept myself completely in the dark about the synopsis and ending. I know this sounds mad, but it doesn't bother me to know the full story or ending of something. I think it was all those years reading Choose Your Own Adventure books. Nothing gets taken away from me if I know the ending.

The more I watch Hitchcock's films the the more I think he was a genius when it came to suspense. This film stars Michael Redgrave as Gilbert, a young musicologist and Margaret Lockwood as Iris, a younge English tourist.

Now I have not seen many classic English films but I have seen a few. I have seen Michael Redgrave (the father of Vanessa Redgrave and grandfather Natasha Richardson) before and he is slowly beginning to become one of my favorite classic film actors. I have never seen Margaret Lockwood before but after seeing this film, I want to watch everything she has made. She just lights up the screen and brings you into the world that she is in and I haven't encountered many classic film actresses who have done that for me.

The film begins with Iris is traveling back to England via train to get married to a man she doesn't love. She meets an older, kindly woman named Miss Froy who is played wonderfully by Dame May Whitty. While chatting, Miss Froy writes her name on a window. It's important to remember that bit of information even though it seems unimportant.

Iris and Miss Froy go back to the compartment they are sharing and Iris they falls asleep. When she awakens she finds that Miss Froy has vanished!!

Michael Redgrave
The Lady Vanishes
The Lady Vanishes
The Lady Vanishes
The Lady Vanishes

There is a great deal unfortunately that I have to leave out in this review only because there are twists and turns and a very surprising ending that I wouldn't want you to figure out beforehand. Like I said before, I rarely ever not know what a film is about but I am really glad I remained clueless about this one. Although I have to confess it tortured me not knowing!

As Iris searches for Miss Froy and people around them deny she even existed, does Iris find Miss Froy? How does the dashing Gilbert play in all this? Does Iris marry that man in England? Is Iris actually going mad or is Miss Froy somewhere on the train?

I hope you decide to see this film soon. It is currently on Netflix streamline and I think I may just rewatch it this weekend. I just have to pretend I don't know the ending already!

Vintagey Sunglasses In Time For Summer

May 21, 2014

I hope I have informed and inspired all of you when it comes to finding your ideal summer sunglasses but I couldn't leave this topic without sharing some beautiful sunglasses I have found online.

I am only spotlighting four specific companies but I know there are many more wonderful sunglasses to be found out there. I set up the photos from the most expensive (Celine Brand) to the least expensive (Modcloth). Work within your budget and your palette and hopefully you will be able to score some outstanding shades for this summer.

Keep in mind that one should always search Etsy and Ebay because you never know what you can find. If you love authentic vintage sunglasses search both of those sites and if you love more of the high end designer vintagey styles sunglasses like the ones I posted here from Celine then I highly recommended searching Ebay because you can find a pair that is overstock or even slightly used (but still fabulous) for $100 dollars or more less.


Warby Parker


The sunglasses I have shared with you here today range from $300-$12 respectively. The links I added underneath each photo will take you to the main company site as well as to the site where you can find these particular shades.

I think they are all beautiful and would definitely add a dash of sophistication and Old Hollywood glamour to any outfit you wear.

How To Know What Sunglasses Suit Your Face Best

May 20, 2014

I hope you enjoyed the Old Hollywood inspiration on sunglasses yesterday. I know I am always in awe when I see classic film stars of yesteryear wearing them. They always look so dazzling and well, like movie stars!

Today I would like to share some information on how you can figure out what sunglasses are best suited for your face. I did a lot of research and found some fantastic information on this topic and I highly encourage you to check out the links I added at the bottom of every photo I included because the posts are very informative and helpful.

The FIRST step in finding the best glasses for you was mentioned yesterday in my How To Wear Sunglasses Old Hollywood Style. I think you should be inspired by what you see and excited about the prospects of finding the ideal pair of shades suited for you face.

The SECOND step would be figuring out what the shape of your face is. You face is either an oval, long (rectangle), round, square, heart, pear, or diamond shaped face. Why know what shape your face is? Well knowing helps you know what sunglasses/glasses best suit your face, the best hair cut, what hairstyles are best suited, and even what hats best suit your face. And heck, why not look and feel your best. You should want to feel and look as fabulous as Grace Kelly did in her shades!

The Beauty Department posted this out-of-sight guide to finding you face shape. After you follow the guide you should know what shape your face is. I am stuck between round and oval, what do you think? What shape is your face?
The Beauty Department

Once you know the shape of your face then the THIRD step is to find and search for the type of sunglasses that are best suited for your face shape.

Here are some helpful visuals that may help you find the shape of sunglasses that would best suit your face:

Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Sunglasses for the shape of your face

Shades for your face

The FOURTH step would be to find the right color of sunglasses that would compliment your skin tone the best. For example, If you have warm-toned skin you may want to wear black sunglasses. If your skin and hair are cooler tones then a bluish or even purple-toned lens will suit best. I always tend to go with what I like but it is always good to take your hair and skin tone in consideration when shopping for the best pair of shades.

Here is a great diagram of colors to help you choose what may be best for you:


You know one of the goals of A Vintage Nerd is to share as much information as possible. So, I hope this post helps you in some way discover the shape of your face or the type of sunglasses that will look the best on you. Nothing would make me happier in knowing you walked away feeling informed (and inspired!)

At the end of the day you are the one who will be wearing the sunglasses so I want you to choose the ones that you feel the best in. These tips and photos are here to guide you and inform you but remember to get what you love and feel amazing in!
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